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How to create a robust backup strategy with cloud services

IBM muscles up on OpenStack with Blue Box buy | HP's Project Synergy promises Amazon-type provisioning for bare metal servers

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How to create a robust backup strategy with cloud services
Love it or hate it, cloud storage is here to stay. Yet the fact is that cloud storage providers, like all IT companies, can experience outages or even go out of business. Moreover, the ever-present threat of data-corrupting malware and ransomware means that synchronizing to the cloud no longer offers adequate protection against data loss. Read More


Extracting the Full Value of the Cloud
Today, cloud adoption is rapidly expanding its footprint and is no longer simply a theoretical or academic conversation that enterprise organizations are debating. The reality is that companies across a wide variety of sectors are actively engaged in cloud adoption. Learn More

WEBCAST: Rimini Street

Navigating Operating Costs and Roadmap Uncertainties for SAP
Listen to this discussion about new innovation and updates in core ERP lag as SAP focuses all its attention on a long-term, high-risk "re-platform" strategy with its newly announced S/4HANA suite. Learn More

IBM muscles up on OpenStack with Blue Box buy
Betting that demand for hybrid clouds will grow strongly, IBM has acquired Blue Box, which specializes in offering OpenStack open source cloud hosting services. Read More

HP's Project Synergy promises Amazon-type provisioning for bare metal servers
Hewlett-Packard is developing new capabilities for its OneView systems management software that it says will allow for automated provisioning of applications across pools of servers and storage. Read More

Do departed employees haunt your networks?
Many companies have ghosts in their systems. Employees who've gone on to a better place -- say, with better pay -- but are still wandering through company files, cloud services, and social media accounts. Read More

: Open Text

How Businesses Connect, Communicate, and Collaborate
Whether you're new to EDI, need to get EDI-compliant or simply want to educate your business colleagues, EDI Basics provides an easy-to-understand explanation of the fundamental concepts. View Now.

How Cisco's Piston acquisition will improve Intercloud
While Intercloud is a great vision of the future, the path to it may not be obvious to most. To help customers make this transition, Cisco this morning announced its intention to acquire privately held Piston Cloud Computing. The company is relatively young, founded in 2011 and based in San Francisco. Read More

Amazon's Go SDK one step closer with preview release
Amazon Web Services has announced the first Developer Preview of its SDK for the Go programming language, giving developers who want to integrate cloud services in their apps more choice. Read More

AWS customers want more information on its renewable energy plans
Amazon Web Services customers have sent a letter to the cloud services provider requesting that it disclose more information about its sustainability practices. The 19 companies, including Tumblr, and the Huffington Post, said they want to convey the information to their users, customers, employees and other stakeholders. Read More

: Red Hat

Building an Open Hybrid Cloud
Smart IT leaders are looking closely at an open hybrid cloud to deliver the full value and promise of cloud computing. In this KnowledgeVault, see how an open hybrid cloud can leverage your existing IT investments in hardware, software and training-allowing you to build a cloud in an evolutionary way, reducing costs and risks. Learn More

Oracle brings Ghostery into Marketing Cloud to help users monitor their websites
The average company has about 70 different types of third-party code on its website but is aware of only about a third of them. The rest are hidden in services like ad networks, widgets and analytics tools, and they can bog down performance, threaten security and compromise search-engine optimization. Read More

Avaya acquires Esna, Mitel buys TigerTMS
Avaya has acquired Esna Technologies in a move intended to facilitate easier user access to cloud-based, multi-vendor communications capabilities. Read More

Users with weak SSH keys had access to GitHub repositories for popular projects
A number of high-profile source-code repositories hosted on GitHub could have been modified using weak SSH authentication keys, a security researcher has warned. Read More


Windows 10: Which classic Microsoft default apps should be killed?

Based on what we've seen in Microsoft's Windows 10 preview editions, here's our take on which classic apps should be kept and which should be killed when the final version of Windows 10 ships.


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