Sunday, June 07, 2015

Hello dear blogger

Microsoft developers make softwares feeble and of low quality unfortunately, they don't give a damn about it's stability and robustness and in Windows 8 it's trace is still visible but not like previous OS's, my Sound Recorder app has been crashed and whenever I open it and record my voice it closes immediately after I stop it so I uninstalled it and my alarm app also doesn't play sound files. Internet explorer is another issue which for some websites is not working even for this website that i tried copy and paste a text and it crashes.
Yankee primates besides their ugliness, filthiness and savagery, their stupidity is another issue that in addition to harming the world, it's fire burns themselves too, they are like Iranians, Germans, Englishes, Afghans and Turks and most of Arabs, most of Frenchs and Italians. God obliterate all of them and just humans remain in this planet, Amin


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