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Why EMC acquired VCE from Cisco

OS X Yosemite tips and tricks you need to know | How Sony, Intel, and Unix made Apple's Mac a PC competitor

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Why EMC acquired VCE from Cisco
What motivated EMC to take over VCE, and why Cisco saw it as a good move. Read More

WHITE PAPER: SevenTablets

Mitigating Your Biggest Mobile Strategy Risk: User Rejection
Did you know eight out of ten apps are downloaded, used once, and deleted? User rejection is the greatest risk to your mobile strategy. This white paper outlines how to mitigate this risk by planning a user-friendly experience that balances responsiveness, intuitiveness, and functionality. Learn More

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WLAN Buyer's Guide
It is crucial to thoroughly understand the systems management capabilities of any WLAN being considered, since this will be the largest ongoing expense of the overall deployment. Learn how to evaluate properly by reading Aerohive's WLAN Definitive Guide. View Now>>

OS X Yosemite tips and tricks you need to know
Some tips to get the most out of Apple's new operating system. Read More

How Sony, Intel, and Unix made Apple's Mac a PC competitor
Recent numbers show Apple's Mac as a rare bright spot in an otherwise bleak PC industry. It's come a long way. Read More

Google's fully driverless car looking less realistic by the day
It's starting to look like the driverless car might not look like we had once hoped. Read More

Review: Android 5.0 'Lollipop' is everything I hoped it would be
Google's most recent Android upgrade includes the exact features and improvements that I had hoped it would add. Read More

Industry thought leader interview: Michael Frendo, Polycom
After six months in a new position at Polycom, Frendo discusses the state of the collaboration industry. Read More


The Network Impact of 802.11ac
This paper discuss two approaches for efficient WLAN design. Both let you integrate 802.11ac into your WLAN and help lay the foundation for future, high-speed technologies. View Now>>

IDG Contributor Network: Don't engineer a mess
An axiom of network design. Read More

The Linux desktop-a-week review: LXDE
I've used LXDE for weeks, and I'm still having trouble finding much to say about it. That's not a good sign. Read More

Ello bets its life on ad-free, privacy-focused social networking
After securing funding, Ello found a way to ensure it never breaks its promise to refrain from advertisements or selling its users' data. Read More

Why my stance on Google Glass is dumb
I'm a Google Glass bigot, but I'm trying to come around. Read More

Tough times for iPhone users: Apple Pay double-charges, iOS 8.1 upgrades fail
Bugs are expected, but this week Apple saw a swarm of them. Read More

WEBCAST: Aerohive

What iBeacons Mean for Your Existing Wireless Network
You may have heard the buzz about iBeacon, a technology that enables proximity-based services for mobile devices. To learn about iBeacon and how it can impact your company, watch the recording of Aerohive's latest webinar, "What iBeacons Mean for Your Existing Wireless Network and Your Business". View Now>>

Watch Mark Zuckerberg speak Mandarin and wow the crowd at a Q&A session in Beijing
While participating in a Q&A session at Tsinghua University in Beijing, Zuckerberg opted to answer all of the questions in Chinese. What's more, the audience appeared to eat up everything Zuckerberg was saying. Read More

Startup Instart Logic ushers in the era of software-defined application delivery
The term "software-defined" is very overused in IT these days, but for Instart Logic, it's actually accurate. Read More

The connected car: Tech's next gold rush
A potentially massive market is showing signs of progress. Read More

EU group: NSA's 'balance' of security, privacy in surveillance sucks
Three SURVEILLE teams of EU-funded experts studied NSA mass surveillance techniques for the purpose of a counter-terrorism investigation and basically found the surveillance 'failed drastically in striking the correct balance between security and privacy.' Read More

Can privacy be respected when using mobile phones for Ebola contact tracing?
At the Ebola Open Data Jam, "privacy and anonymity" were among the identified "needs" of using mobile phones in the fight against the Ebola virus. It was also suggested that wireless carriers could hand over historical GPS location info and contact data for contact tracing. Read More

Why do cell phones still suck for calling?
The IEEE Spectrum magazine goes in-depth on the problem. Read More


How giant companies see the cloud

16 large enterprises talk about their use of the cloud, their plans, challenges they've run into and how they're approaching the skills issues.


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1. How Sony, Intel, and Unix made Apple's Mac a PC competitor

2. Microsoft exec opens up about Research lab closure, layoffs

3. Disaster as CryptoWall encrypts US firm's entire server installation

4. Why EMC acquired VCE from Cisco

5. OS X Yosemite tips and tricks you need to know

6. Tough times for iPhone users: Apple Pay double

7. Collection of new cord cutting techs make it easier to snip that CATV tether

8. IT certifications: Discover where the value lies

9. Review: Android 5.0 'Lollipop' is everything I hoped it would be

10. Google rethinks webmail with Inbox, raising questions about Gmail's future

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