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Dell expands stable of ARM server prototypes, but is not shipping products yet

IBM set to sell Elastic Storage in a Power-based box | AT&T connects NetBond VPN access to Amazon Web Services

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Dell expands stable of ARM server prototypes, but is not shipping products yet
Dell, not typically an early adopter of server technology, is still experimenting with systems based on ARM architecture while rival Hewlett-Packard has jumped ahead.Dell showed a new proof-of-concept, ARM-based storage server at the TechCon conference in Santa Clara, California, last week. It is the latest experimental 64-bit ARM server being offered by Dell for customers to develop and test applications.There has been a lot of hype surrounding servers that offer power-efficient ARM processors, best known for powering smartphones and tablets. But ARM servers are finally reaching the market, with HP beating Dell to the punch with an ARM server it announced last week.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here Read More

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An Integrated Approach to Managed Network Security
For a growing number of organizations plagued by continuing security issues, the answer to the high cost, complexity and uncertainty surrounding network security is a managed security service built on a unified, behavioral-based security architecture that is integrated, modular, and centrally managed. Learn More

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Clearing the Network Hurdle to Cloud Deployment
Although enthusiasm is high among IT pros for cloud services, an IDG Research Quick Poll survey found that, in fact, the cloud is at a crossroads. Learn More

IBM set to sell Elastic Storage in a Power-based box
IBM will extend its Elastic Storage technology with two new products as the company moves to offer software-defined storage in several forms.An integrated Elastic Storage system built around the IBM Power platform, as well as support for Elastic Storage for Linux-based System Z mainframes, will be announced Monday at the IBM Enterprise14 conference in Las Vegas. Both are due to go on sale Dec. 5. They’re the latest products based on Elastic Storage, which was introduced in May.Elastic Storage is software that can turn file and object storage all across an enterprise, from tape to server-based flash, into a single, virtualized pool of capacity. Depending on the needs of applications, it can automatically shift data between those resources for faster access to the most critical data. IBM is now set to offer it as software for existing systems, as a cloud-based service and as a preconfigured system to roll into a data center.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here Read More


4 Advantages of Multi-Tenant Data Centers
Increasing demands on IT are forcing organizations to rethink their data center options. For many organizations, that means turning to the flexibility afforded them by outsourced cloud solutions, which can provide exponential cost savings. Learn More >>

AT&T connects NetBond VPN access to Amazon Web Services
AT&T’s NetBond service for secure access to third-party clouds will soon work with the biggest one of all, Amazon Web Services.NetBond lets AT&T subscribers use an AT&T VPN (virtual private network) as an on-ramp to cloud services. By doing so, they bypass the open Internet, avoiding security threats as well as getting quicker access to the cloud, according to AT&T. Customers will be able to reach AWS through NetBond next year, the carrier said.Security and performance are two of the big concerns enterprises have as they migrate from on-premises computing and storage to private, hybrid and public cloud architectures. The payoff is typically lower costs and the ability to scale capacity up or down easily, but going out on the Internet and handing over control of computing resources to a third party causes jitters for some companies.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here Read More

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6 Trends Driving IT Execs to Rethink the Security Perimeter
This paper discusses six distinct trends that are reshaping how business is conducted and why they are driving the need for an improved identity and access management (IAM) architecture. Learn More

Cisco and Netgear line up behind new Helix 64-bit ARM chips
AppliedMicro has announced a new family of 64-bit ARM chips that could disrupt the stodgy but sizeable market for components used in network routers, printers and other “embedded” equipment.Cisco Systems, Netgear and Hewlett-Packard were among the vendors at a press conference Wednesday that said they’re exploring the chips, which will be sold under the brand Helix starting in 2015.AppliedMicro makes the X-Gene system-on-chip used in Hewlett-Packard’s latest Moonshot server, which went on sale this week and became the first 64-bit ARM server to hit the market.Helix is based on the same ARMv8 core as X-Gene, but it’s offered in a variety of configurations for use in network and storage gear, as well as printers and factory robots.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here Read More

Shellshock attacks target QNAP's network storage, FireEye says
FireEye has detected Shellshock attacks against network-attached storage devices made by Taipei-based QNAP and used by universities and research institutes in Korea, Japan and the U.S.The security vendor said the attacks are some of the first seen using Shellshock targeting embedded Linux, which QNAP’s devices run, James T. Bennett and J. Gomez of FireEye wrote in a blog post on Wednesday.“These attacks result in the hackers having a root level remote shell, gaining full access to the contents of the NAS,” they wrote.QNAP’s storage products are used for a variety of applications, including professional video surveillance systems using IP cameras.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here Read More

Google Takes Drive to School With Unlimited Cloud Storage for Educators, Students Alike
Unlimited storage is a generous gesture that just might rope kids and campuses into the Google ecosystem, too. Read More


9 useful add-ons for Google Docs

Here are nine that we found to be really useful and easy to use when you're writing, editing and sharing documents.


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