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CIOs adopt down-to-earth cloud strategy

How giant companies see the cloud | CIOs share must-have cloud skills

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CIOs adopt down-to-earth cloud strategy
CIOs are taking a pragmatic approach to cloud computing, selectively launching SaaS applications and shifting infrastructure resources to IaaS platforms while building their own private clouds. In our interviews with CIOs and cloud leaders at 16 large enterprises we found that everybody is doing some form of cloud computing. But nobody is all-in on the cloud. Read More

WHITE PAPER: Tintri Inc.

Application-Aware Storage
Server virtualization brings tremendous value in terms of adding operational agility and significant cost savings through consolidation, increased utilization, and workload portability, but storage can be an inhibitor to realizing that value. Learn more

WHITE PAPER: bigtincan

The Future of Mobile Design
Effective user experience design is really about crafting deeper connections that enable end-user computing devices to work better together, rather than just coexist. Distributed user experience is about optimizing the user's experience for enhanced productivity when interacting with content across any end-user computing device. Learn More>>

How giant companies see the cloud
CIOs and cloud leaders at large enterprises -- Campbell Soup, Dow Chemical, GE, Nationwide, Western Union, Whirlpool and others -- talk about their successes and challenges as they deploy resources to public, private and hybrid cloud environments. Here's a snapshot of life in the cloud for each of these companies (organized alphabetically by company name). Read More

CIOs share must-have cloud skills
As the clouds roll in, IT organizations are recasting their tech talent requirements. "You don't need people to build servers anymore. You need somebody good at managing another organization responsible for doing that. That's a different skill," says Josh Jewett, CIO at Family Dollar. Read More

WEBCAST: Dell | Symantec

Mobility Debate: Manage the Device or the App?
Managing and securing mobile devices, data, and apps has become an IT imperative. This Webcast highlights the key criteria IT should evaluate before choosing a solution. Learn More.

13 tips to achieve cloud success
We interviewed 16 CIOs and IT leaders about their public and private cloud deployments, usage trends, skills requirements, lingering obstacles and future plans. Here are some nuggets of advice from these cloud giants. Read More

CIOs face cloud computing challenges, pitfalls
There's no easy path to the cloud for large companies with decades of legacy IT investments. Read More


Network-Enabled Cloud: Key Considerations
A network-enabled cloud combines the control, protection, and performance advantages of a private cloud with the economies and elasticity of a public cloud, and seamlessly integrates corporate VPNs with cloud-based resources. Learn more about key Considerations and Partner Selection Criteria in this IDC whitepaper. Learn More

What giant companies WON'T put in the cloud
In our interviews with CIOs at large enterprises, we found that adoption levels vary from simple experimentation to heavy use of cloud apps and infrastructure in public and private settings. Yet even among the most cloud-focused businesses, there are resources CIOs won't consider migrating to the cloud – at least not yet. Read More

Salesforce unveils Wave, its play in cloud analytics
Wave uses a search-like medium along with extensive visualizations. Read More


9 useful add-ons for Google Docs

Here are nine that we found to be really useful and easy to use when you're writing, editing and sharing documents.


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