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Big Switch rolls out SDN starter kits

5 tips for transforming enterprise IT towers into cloud services | Speedboats race with the cloud

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Big Switch rolls out SDN starter kits
SDN pioneer Big Switch Networks this week is expected to unveil "starter kits" designed for its Big Cloud Fabric product that began shipping in September amid a stream of positive product reviews. Read More


Turn to the Cloud for Website Availability & Protection
Domain name system (DNS) protection is a key component to a comprehensive security plan. One of the most efficient ways to bolster DNS security is to deploy a cloud-based DNS infrastructure. This DNS Security eGuide, will review top cyber threats to DNS and identify five top reasons, along with guidance, on selecting a managed DNS service provider. Learn More>>


Deliver the Future of IT Operations Today
Enterprise IT operations teams are struggling to keep pace with the business as well as cope with new technology trends. Find out about a new solution that allows for increased critical business insight and a modern user experience. Learn More

5 tips for transforming enterprise IT towers into cloud services
As companies adopt more cloud IT services and work with an increasing number of service providers, the tried-and-true IT towers of the past no longer serve their needs. Read More

Speedboats race with the cloud
With the cloud, SilverHook Powerboats can track the company boat's performance during offshore races and keep fans and racing officials updated with animated visualizations in real time. Read More

Desktop-as-a-Service: Your BYOD assist
People are using more kinds of devices to get work done than ever before. Yet business apps aren't always available on users' devices of choice. Desktop as a service (DaaS) is turning out to be one way to solve this problem. Read More

WHITE PAPER: NetBrain Technologies

Applying Automation to Maintain Accurate Network Diagrams
Accurate network diagrams are the Holy Grail in enterprise network management – most network teams know they should be documenting their networks but haven't found a universally good way of doing it. Learn More

Amazon takes aim at Microsoft's Active Directory with new service
Amazon Web Services wants to become a more central part of enterprise IT with the AWS Directory Service, which both competes and integrates with Microsoft's Active Directory. With the lure of easier management, Amazon hopes CIOs are willing to trust it with one of their most important applications, the directory. Read More

Internet2: Chief Innovation Officer wanted
Internet2 is looking for a Chief Innovation Officer (CINO) to join its executive leadership team, and has assembled a panel of higher education and corporate leaders to search for one. Internet2 operates a high-speed network across the United States over which higher education and research institutions collaborate. Read More

How RMS put its catastrophe modeling software in the cloud
For much of its 25-year history, catastrophe modeling and risk management firm RMS delivered its software using an on-premises model. The company's modeling software is designed to help customers mitigate financial risk in advance of events such as earthquakes, hurricanes and even terrorist attacks. Read More


Top 5 Truths About Big Data Hype and Security Intelligence
Big Data Security Analytics (BDSA) is the subject of exuberant predictions. However, a Gartner analyst points out that no available BDSA solutions come close to these forecasts. Nevertheless, the principles of Big Data are the key to advanced security intelligence. This white paper discusses the key tenets of Big Data. Learn more >>

Nest to build out IoT with acquisition of Revolv's home hub engineering team
Spending $3.2 billion for Nest in January, followed by a $555 million buyout of Dropcam in June and last week's acquisition of Revlov for an undisclosed amount, Google is moving quickly into the home Internet of Things (IoT) market. Read More

Microsoft opens Office 365 to programmers
Extending Office 365 functionality to third-party developers, Microsoft has exposed a set of application programming interfaces (APIs) so other companies can add features and capabilities to the online productivity service. Read More

How to use iCloud Drive
Much as you may have been satisfied with the way iCloud synced your data in the past, if you'd hoped for comprehensive file syncing between your Mac, iOS devices, and the cloud, you were likely frustrated. Prior to OS X 10.10 Yosemite, iCloud's file storage was sandboxed, meaning that you could only access files created with a specific application by that application. Read More

How much bigger is Amazon's cloud vs. Microsoft and Google?
Just how much bigger is Amazon Web Service's cloud computing division compared to Microsoft and Google? It's hard to make a complete apples-to-apples comparison because none of these companies are extraordinarily transparent when releasing information about the financial health of their operations. Read More


Ubuntu turns 10: A look back at the desktop Linux standard bearer

A brief history of Ubuntu, as alliterative as all-get-out.


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