Monday, October 27, 2014

Report: The State of IT Infrastructure & Operations

Report: The State of IT Infrastructure & Operations | Deliver the Future of IT Operations Today

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Report: The State of IT Infrastructure & Operations
With digital technologies becoming entwined with every business function, organizations are undoubtedly looking to free up financial resources. Read our report to learn how deploying new strategies in managing network hardware lifecycles will ultimately lead to new opportunities for reduced costs.

Deliver the Future of IT Operations Today
Enterprise IT operations teams are struggling to keep pace with the business as well as cope with new technology trends. Find out about a new solution that allows for increased critical business insight and a modern user experience. Learn More

WHITE PAPER: Flexera Software
Six Steps to Continuous Application Readiness
This paper outlines the six key steps of an Application Readiness process, and explains how Flexera® Software's solutions, AdminStudio Suite and App Portal, can reduce the risk and cost of ongoing service transitions by providing a consistent approach to delivering application services on a regular basis. Learn More>>

Why Organizations Must Take a Strategic Approach to IRM
Forrester finds that to achieve this securely, companies need identity and access management (IAM) platforms that are adaptable, scalable, responsive, and high velocity. View now>>

Combat Hidden Threats to Your Mobile Environment
We only hear about the high profile cyber attacks in the news, but what about the every day threats affecting your organization right now? It's likely that you're already the unsuspecting victim of hidden mobile attacks. Find out what practical steps you can take to uncover and neutralize these threats. View now

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