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About Wireless/Networking: Perils of The Internet

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From Bradley Mitchell, your Guide to Wireless/Networking

Cringely's piece in Fortune last week touches on a question that a lot more people should be asking: "Some corporate and government data simply doesn’t belong on the Internet. Why is that so hard to understand?"

Finding and Fixing Internet Connection Problems

When you suddenly can't connect to the Internet, any of several things could be wrong. Use this checklist to find and solve common Internet connection problems.

Readers Respond: Addicted to Online, in Virginia

"Comcast charges $60 - $90 a month in central Virginia just for Internet access. They claim lower rates, but the sales people refuse to sign you up for it. They've dropped my calls, lied and added charges, and bundles features I didn't want to get their commissions. It's brutal." -Ian

What Is a Bandwidth Cap?

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) sometimes place limits on the amount of data customers can send and/or receive over their Internet connections. These are often calledbandwidth caps.

Using Cell Phones for Internet Networking

Although their network speeds have increased substantially in the past several years, cell connections to the Internet typically offer somewhat slower data rates than other forms of broadband Internet... .

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