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8 big trends in big data analytics

IBM and Microsoft pledge to make their clouds compatible | Why EMC acquired VCE from Cisco

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8 big trends in big data analytics
Bill Loconzolo, vice president of data engineering at Intuit, jumped into a data lake with both feet. Dean Abbott, chief data scientist at Smarter Remarketer, made a beeline for the cloud. The leading edge of big data and analytics, which includes data lakes for holding vast stores of data in its native format and, of course, cloud computing, is a moving target, both say. And while the technology options are far from mature, waiting simply isn't an option.. Read More


The Future of Cloud: Public, Private or Network-Enabled?
Cloud Services have transformed the way businesses operate and manage IT. Join us for this on demand virtual event and hear from IDC's Melanie Posey and AT&T NetBond VP René Dufrene as they explore the cloud models available and discuss why a network-enabled approach may be right for you. Learn More


Network-Enabled Cloud: Key Considerations
A network-enabled cloud combines the control, protection, and performance advantages of a private cloud with the economies and elasticity of a public cloud, and seamlessly integrates corporate VPNs with cloud-based resources. Learn more about key Considerations and Partner Selection Criteria in this IDC whitepaper. Learn More

IBM and Microsoft pledge to make their clouds compatible
IBM will support Microsoft technologies, and vice versa, in each other's respective cloud. Read More

Why EMC acquired VCE from Cisco
This morning before its earnings call, EMC issued a press release stating it had acquired controlling interesting in the joint venture (JV) known as VCE. The JV was created by Cisco and EMC with minority investments from VMware and Intel to create the converged infrastructure market. Read More

Data warehouse-as-a-service startup Snowflake comes out of stealth
Stealth startup Snowflake is clandestine no longer, throwing off the wraps Tuesday morning with the announcement of a $26 million series B funding round and the rollout of a flagship product, which it's calling the "elastic data warehouse." Read More


Why Organizations Must Take a Strategic Approach to IRM
Forrester finds that to achieve this securely, companies need identity and access management (IAM) platforms that are adaptable, scalable, responsive, and high velocity. View now>>

Future points to healthcare IT as a Service
IT leaders today frequently mention the importance of bringing social, mobile, analytics and cloud technology – the so-called "SMAC stack" – into a single, integrated architecture. In healthcare, this type of architecture will do more than simply help the industry catch up to other verticals, says David Dimond, CTO of EMC's Global Healthcare Business. SMAC will help organizations demonstrate a return on investment in electronic health record (EHR) systems beyond meaningful use by providing IT as a service both within and outside hospital walls. Read More

Startup wants to make cloud attractive for security-sensitive businesses
After three years in stealth, an Andreessen Horowitz-backed startup named Bracket Computing launched a new computing system today that aims to make the public cloud more palatable for security-sensitive enterprises. Read More

ARM speeds data flow in the cloud with new, zippy interconnects
With smartphones and sensors putting more demand on servers and other back-end gear, chip design company ARM is introducing new interconnect technologies that will help shuttle the data around more quickly. Read More


Accelerate your innovation with IBM Bluemix™
Join us for a webcast introducing the new IBM BluemixTM. IBM Bluemix ( is a developer oriented Platform as a Service (PaaS) environment that is based on the Cloud Foundry open source project. It provides you easy access to a rich library of IBM, 3rd party and open source runtimes, services and APIs. Learn More

Government regulation on cloud security may spur SaaS use in health care
Governments may need to tighten the regulatory screws on SaaS vendors to make them be more transparent and forthcoming about their security practices. Until then, it will be hard for health care companies in particular to fully trust cloud software vendors, according to speakers at the EU-U.S. ehealth Marketplace and Conference in Boston on Wednesday. Read More

Cisco slashing stake in VCE joint venture with EMC/VMware
EMC confirmed on Wednesday that its VCE converged infrastructure joint venture with Cisco and VMware is heading into a new phase, with EMC taking control of the business and Cisco drastically cutting its stake in it. Read More

Microsoft partners with Docker to bring containers to Windows Server
Docker has up to now been only on Azure and Linux. Read More

China attacks lead Apple to alert users on iCloud threats
Apple has warned users about attacks on its iCloud website, after monitoring groups alleged that China had tried to intercept customer information from the service. Read More


How giant companies see the cloud

16 large enterprises talk about their use of the cloud, their plans, challenges they've run into and how they're approaching the skills issues.


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