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Cisco, EMC consortium debuts new cloud gear

The cloud according to Daryl | Cloud giants do battle backed by distinctly different partner networks

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Cisco, EMC consortium debuts new cloud gear
VCE, the converged infrastructure consortium of Cisco and EMC, this week unveiled new and enhanced data center IT systems, including an all-flash memory platform for mixed workloads. Read More

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Understanding Liquid Computing and Handoff
The greater the number computing devices we use, the more the center of our computing life shifts to the cloud. The last thing anyone wants is for data and preferences to be locked in a smartphone, tablet, or desktop. Learn More

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The Digital Edge 25 Awards: Application Deadline Nov. 3
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The cloud according to Daryl
If you're trying to come up with a comprehensive, overarching cloud strategy, you're making a big mistake, according to Gartner cloud guru Daryl Plummer. Speaking at the Gartner Symposium on Wednesday, Plummer offered a twist on Yogi Berra's famous line, `When you come to a fork in the road, take it.' Read More

Cloud giants do battle backed by distinctly different partner networks
When evaluating the marketplaces of the big three public IaaS cloud providers - Amazon Web Services, Google and Microsoft - AWS stands out in terms of the maturity of its platform for partners to offer products and services on top of its cloud. But Microsoft, too, has a formidable partner program that could rival Amazon's in the future, analysts predict. Read More

The Internet is one step closer to universal HTTPs
The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), which is on the front lines for protecting digital freedom and preventing censorship of the web, applauded content delivery network provider CloudFlare for the company's recent announcement that it will offer encrypted HTTPs as its default setting for any website it hosts. Read More

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Future-proof your mobility strategy with Dell EMM
Looking for ongoing ways to securely connect your mobile team to the resources they need today and in the future? Read this new white paper to learn how Dell Enterprise Mobility Management can help your IT team adapt as devices, operating systems and work habits constantly evolve. Learn more

Microsoft tightens integration between Outlook Web App and OneDrive for Business
Microsoft wants to promote the use of OneDrive for Business among Office 365 customers, so it's building links between the work cloud storage service and Outlook Web App (OWA), the suite's browser-based email interface. Read More

HP's cloud unit needs to make faster progress as the company splits
The success of Hewlett-Packard Enterprise will depend a lot on its cloud unit. Read More

Microsoft follows Google to education sector with Office 365 app for teachers
Microsoft has created a classroom assistance application for OneNote and SharePoint Online in Office 365, soon after Google released a similar one for its Apps email and collaboration suite. Read More

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Strategies for Gaining Control and Securing Mobility
We are in the midst of a mobile revolution. Numbers of mobile devices are growing with some experts predicting that employees will be carrying three or more devices. Growth is not limited to just devices. As the number of enterprise apps rapidly expands, "an app for everything" is a slogan few would question. Learn More

Should Cisco make like HP, and split?
As is usual after an event like this week's breakup of HP, pundits start opining who should follow suit. Naturally, Cisco's name came up in a bulletin penned this week by Mark Sue, an analyst at investment firm RBC Capital Markets, and a longtime Cisco watcher. Read More

Salesforce launches 'reimagined' customer-service, sales software has given its customer-support and sales software new names and announced a slew of additional features in advance of its annual Dreamforce event, which kicks off next week in San Francisco. Read More

Is it time to move your databases to the cloud?
Faster time to market increasingly drives firms of all sizes to move their databases to the cloud. Options range from managed services to more of a databases-as-a-service. Even companies used to rolling their own technology solutions are drawn to cloud databases. Read More


9 useful add-ons for Google Docs

Here are nine that we found to be really useful and easy to use when you're writing, editing and sharing documents.


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