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Review: 2 tri-band routers push wireless network speeds

  Sorriest technology companies of 2015 | The Verizon Network Extender: Still crappy after all these years.

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Review: 2 tri-band routers push wireless network speeds
Do you need real Wi-Fi speed in your office? As 802.11ac-equipped laptops and PCs become common (and your 802.11n gear grows older), it's time to consider upgrading your Wi-Fi network infrastructure. Read More



B2B 360-Degrees: A Revolution in EDI and API Integration
Using B2B integration technology, digital networks allow companies to manage, secure and optimize data transactions across all industries and in every corner of the globe. Read this whitepaper to learn more. Learn More


Big Data Impacts on Hybrid Infrastructure and Management
Join Shamus McGillicuddy, senior analyst at Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) in this on-demand webinar to get research highlights from the new Big Data Impacts on Hybrid Infrastructure and Management study. Learn More

Sorriest technology companies of 2015
A rundown of the year in apologies from tech vendors and those whose businesses rely heavily on tech. Read More

The Verizon Network Extender: Still crappy after all these years.
Despite more than three years in the market, Verizon's Network Extender hasn't improved ... at all. Read More


Microsoft Azure Overview and Key Features
Why should you consider Microsoft Azure? Benefits include improved efficiency and agility, scalability, lower IT costs and a consistent user experience between Microsoft's Cloud and your cloud. View Now

Is the smartphone market saturated?
Smartphone sales increased substantially in the second quarter of 2015, but the rate of growth continued to slow, fueling concerns that the market has started to become saturated, according to a study released today by Juniper Research. Read More

New products of the week 08.03.2015
Our roundup of intriguing new products from companies such as CliQr and Good Technology. Read More

WEBCAST: New Relic| Emulex| AppNeta| CA

Performance Management in the Cloud
Susan Tran from CA Technologies, Shaun Walsh of Emulex and industry analyst Robin Layland explore the new challenges created for performance management solutions when applications migrate to the cloud. View now

Yes! Tom Brady's 'Deflategate' suspension has a tech angle!
Tom Brady's recent 'Deflategate' suspension set off a course of events that has had a ripple effect on Samsung and Apple, after Brady revealed that he switched to an iPhone 6 after destroying his Samsung device. Read More

Salesforce tools let customers snap together new mobile apps
Modular components can be snapped together using a drag-and-drop interface Read More

Samsung devices caught between Apple and Chinese smartphones
Samsung faces competition from Apple iPhones on the high end and Chinese smartphones on the low end. The solution to the company's dilemma is complex. It isn't at all clear whether Samsung's next product announcement on Aug. 13 is going to help very much. Read More

The 5 best hidden features in iOS 9
Video Read More



14 fascinating facts about Apple's iPhone

Eight years since its debut, Apple's iPhone has changed and conquered the smartphone market. Here are some interesting facts you might not know about the iPhone.


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