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Amazon, Microsoft strengthen tools to store app and enterprise data in their clouds

Google's new OnHub home Wi-Fi router: What is it and who might need it? | When video collaboration makes sense in the cloud

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Amazon, Microsoft strengthen tools to store app and enterprise data in their clouds
New technology from Amazon and Microsoft this week highlights how cloud-based storage is, step-by-step, becoming more mature and offering more flexibility for developers, storage administrators and people in a wide range of other roles. Amazon is going after iOS developers in an effort to increase the popularity of its cloud offerings. Read More


Bring the Cloud out of the Shadows
Delivery of IT services has been traditionally fraught with delays and frustrations. Rather than wait months or even years for what they believe are critical business needs, workers and managers today are often able to self-provision cloudbased services outside of the purview of IT and financial management. Learn More

WHITE PAPER: Red Hat, Dell & SAP

Agility, Simplicity, Modernization
CIOs today have more responsibility than ever to fulfilling business: increasing revenue growth, reducing operating costs and driving productivity improvements. Read how vendors are creating state-of-the-art systems to accommodate these systems in one solution. Learn More

Google's new OnHub home Wi-Fi router: What is it and who might need it?
Home Wi-Fi routers are often designed as unattractive, dumbed-downed versions of enterprise routers. Google's just-announced OnHub router takes a different approach – designed for consumers to connect everything to Google's and other clouds, it actually looks pretty sweet. First: It's a router. Read More

When video collaboration makes sense in the cloud
The T.H. Chan Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) educates and trains physicians all over the world. Consequently, the school is set up for distance learning. It has conference rooms, classrooms and even a dedicated teaching studio decked out with high-end Cisco telepresence gear. (Insider Story) Read More

Is the cloud the right spot for your big data?
Is the cloud a good spot for big data? That's a controversial question, and the answer changes depending on who you ask. Read More

WHITE PAPER: Rackspace

Outsourcing IT Projects to Managed Hosting or the Cloud:
This white paper outlines 12 critical success factors to consider when outsourcing IT to managed hosting or the cloud. To compile this list, we drew from the 15+ years of hands-on experience Rackspace has gained helping hundreds of thousands of customers move workloads to managed hosting or the cloud. Learn More

How the tech industry is greening its data centers
Data centers don't just suck down energy. They guzzle it. According to the National Resources Defense Council, data centers are one of the largest and fastest growing consumers of electricity in the United States. Read More

Video: A Container explainer
If there's been one buzzword that has dominated the cloud and application development market for the past year, it's been containers. Some people may still be wondering exactly what containers are though. To really understand why containers are important, it's helpful to consider how applications have been hosted on servers in the past, and how containers are bringing more speed and efficiency to the process. Check out our video! Read More

Ravello delivers a virtual private cloud, on a real(ish) public one
Ravello has had a few different focus points since it was founded back in 2011. Originally it was all about cloud migrations, allowing applications, unicorn-like, to move from location to location, and thus enabling the fabled concept of cloudbursting. Since then, Ravello has changed focus a little, although, in fairness, its focus today bears much in common with the original vision. Read More


Enterprise Platform as a Service for App Architectures
Apprenda is the only Enterprise PaaS on the market that supports both new and existing application architectures. In this whitepaper you'll learn how Apprenda supports your existing applications, how the applications are cloud enabled, and how they are on-boarded with Apprenda, using production customer examples. Learn More

Attackers increasingly abuse insecure routers and other home devices for DDoS attacks
Attackers are taking advantage of home routers and other devices that respond to UPnP (Universal Plug and Play) requests over the Internet in order to amplify distributed denial-of-service attacks. Read More

Are comatose servers your next big IT headache?
Picture this. An executive at your organization gets an idea for a big project, one that adds a new product line to your company and could result in millions of additional dollars in revenue per year. The whole company is gung ho about this. There's just one thing: All of this happened in 2005. It is now 2015, a full decade later, and Project X has been replaced by Projects Y, Z and Omega. The executive who championed Project X in the first place is long gone, and the original IT team that set up all of the computing power for Project X has transitioned into other teams or out of the company. Read More

Alibaba to open data center in Singapore, amid $1 billion cloud push
Alibaba Group's cloud business is targeting the Southeast Asian market with a new data center that will go online in Singapore this September. Read More


Top 10 techie vacation spots

Whether you want to unplug or plug-in, check out these getaways.


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