Thursday, August 27, 2015

Google's container management service gets uptime guarantee

Top 25 computer science colleges, ranked by alumni earnings | Amazon Underground offers $10,000 worth of free Android apps

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Google's container management service exits beta, gets uptime guarantee
Google is the latest cloud service provider to rally behind containers, an emerging type of virtualization technology that adherents claim can streamline the process of running workloads in the cloud. Google is now offering a container management service, called the Google Container Engine, for production workloads. Read More

WHITE PAPER: Nexsan Technologies

Storage Configuration Guide
Learn how to meet specific storage requirements ranging from backup to virtual server infrastructures. With the ever-changing and fast moving IT market, it is more critical than ever to efficiently design a storage system as it provides an underpinning for all elements within the IT infrastructure. Learn more.


A Call To Action To Automate Breach Response
Discover how to quickly remediate aggressive security threats. Read this report from Forrester Research and see how new automated compliance processes will reduce your organization's risk. Learn More

Top 25 computer science colleges, ranked by alumni earnings
University of California, Santa Barbara, is the top computer science school in the U.S., according to a new salary-centric report from compensation specialist PayScale.The research company ranked 187 colleges and universities with computer science programs based on the median pay of the schools' compsci alumni. Read More

Amazon Underground offers $10,000 worth of free Android apps
Amazon just launched Amazon Underground, an Android app store where 'over $10,000 in apps, games and even in-app items are actually free.' Read More

IBM extends Spectrum storage line into the cloud
IBM is beefing up its offerings in software-defined storage, which promises to let IT departments better deal with large amounts of storage by uncoupling the management software from its underlying hardware. Read More

WHITE PAPER: Iron Mountain

When the Cloud Evaporates
Recent research reveals that while SaaS adoption is high, there are relevant reasons to worry about its risks - and to have a contingency plan. This white paper shares insights from the survey about the ongoing proliferation of SaaS, the potential risks of relying on cloud applications, and the actions companies are taking to mitigate those risks. Learn More

How Georgia successfully overhauled IT
When Dean Johnson joined the state of Georgia's tech team in 2007, he was embarking on a turnaround mission. The organization that hired Johnson, the Georgia Technology Authority (GTA), had been chartered by a 2000 statute in an effort to streamline the state's IT operations, but inefficiencies, duplication and security risks were rampant. Read More

How secure is the hybrid cloud?
Hybrid cloud is IT's flavor of the year. The C-level executives in Avanade's global Hybrid Cloud study are particularly optimistic: 75 percent believe it should be the main area of focus for their company this year; 72 percent expect to adopt hybrid cloud by 2018; and 76 percent expect the majority of their applications and services will be running in a hybrid cloud environment within three years. Read More

When to host your Website's security
Managing the daily updates and upgrades needed to keep the website secure demands a highly skilled administration team. A third party website management company provides both managed hosting and security, but the security of the site depends largely upon the provider. Read More

WHITE PAPER: Red Hat, Dell & SAP

Agility, Simplicity, Modernization
CIOs today have more responsibility than ever to fulfilling business: increasing revenue growth, reducing operating costs and driving productivity improvements. Read how vendors are creating state-of-the-art systems to accommodate these systems in one solution. Learn More

Despite Microsoft partnership, NFL leans on Amazon to store new stats data
When the NFL season kicks off next month, fans will have new information at their disposal thanks to the league's Next Gen Stats program, which will provide previously-undisclosed data to fans like players' speed and acceleration. However, that information will be reaching them in part through Amazon's cloud, despite Microsoft's technology partnership with the American professional football league. Read More

Managing data in a mobile and cloud world
Mobility, cloud and big data all promise to help enterprises increase efficiency and productivity, improve decision-making and lower costs. The laudable goal is to make your business more competitive, but for your IT, legal and compliance teams, these new technologies often lead to increased complexity, loss of control and even increased costs as massive amounts of data now move to an ever-increasing number of endpoints, including mobile devices and third-party hosting services. (Insider Story) Read More

Salesforce platform gets a new look and feel
Look out users, the look and feel of your online apps is about to change. Salesforce has designed a new interface, called the Lightning Experience, to provide organizations with more flexibility in how they customize their Salesforce-based work processes, said Will Moxley, Salesforce senior vice president. Read More

STEM fields dominate ranking of college majors
The top 25 bachelor-level majors all have mid-career median pay numbers above $100,000, and the vast majority of them are STEM majors. Read More


13 big data and analytics companies to watch

Most of the newcomers not surprisingly have a cloud element to their offerings, leading to every sort of X-as-a-service pitch you can imagine.


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