Monday, August 17, 2015

Provisioning 2.0: The Future of Provisioning

Provisioning 2.0: The Future of Provisioning | Tips to Avoid the Seven Deadly Sins of Mobile Security

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Provisioning 2.0: The Future of Provisioning
The paper explores a vision for Provisioning 2.0 where the goal is to weave provisioning into the very fabric of business process. Provisioning 2.0 is business driven, is easy to deploy and maintain and is built for today's agile IT. Learn More

WHITE PAPER: Good Technology
Tips to Avoid the Seven Deadly Sins of Mobile Security
Learn about the "seven deadly sins of mobile security," along with tips on how to best avoid or tackle them so usability and security aren't pitted against each other in this whitepaper. Learn more.

5 Strategies for Transforming On-premises Infrastructure
Feeling the pressure to move core services off-premises? Based on recent IDG research among IT leaders, this paper provides a checklist toward building a strategy for the future of your organization's IT services delivery. Learn more.

WHITE PAPER: PC Connection
Acer: Proven Solutions for Professional Demands
Whether your workforce requires high-tech mobility, powerful desktops to streamline efficiency, reliable technology available 24 x 7, or competent tools for viewing and projecting, you'll find your solution in Acer notebooks, desktops, servers, monitors, and projectors. Acer provides solutions for you. Learn more.

WHITE PAPER: Red Hat, Dell & SAP
Agility, Simplicity, Modernization
CIOs today have more responsibility than ever to fulfilling business: increasing revenue growth, reducing operating costs and driving productivity improvements. Read how vendors are creating state-of-the-art systems to accommodate these systems in one solution. Learn More

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