Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Operators and vendors join forces to push cellular IoT networks

Review: 4 powerline kits step in when Wi-Fi fails | Qualcomm bets on superfast broadband over copper with latest acquisition

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Operators and vendors join forces to push cellular IoT networks
Backed by the likes of AT&T, Intel and Qualcomm, industry organization GSMA has launched an initiative to accelerate the roll out of cellular networks customized for machine-to-machine communications. Read More


Eliminate your Productivity Pain Points
"Blind spots" or devices that you can't see on the managed network, are multiplying. You're fighting off hack points left and right. Many new challenges will arise as more systems and devices move onto the managed network. But it also presents a tremendous opportunity for you to be the catalyst for maximizing your organizational performance. Get your FREE copy of Enterprise and learn how to transform your organization into an intelligent enterprise. You will find solutions to the same problems that some of the world's leading companies face every day.

WHITE PAPER: Citrix Systems

2015 State of the WAN Report
A discussion of wide area networking is extremely timely because after a long period with little if any fundamental innovation, the WAN is now the focus of considerable innovation. The goal of this e-book is to provide research-based insight into the current state of the WAN. Learn More

Review: 4 powerline kits step in when Wi-Fi fails
Are there places in your home or office where your Wi-Fi signal doesn't reach? You're not alone. A powerline kit routes data over your electric cables by piggybacking the data on top of the electrical current's 60-hertz wave and then extracting the data at the other end. Read More

Qualcomm bets on superfast broadband over copper with latest acquisition
Qualcomm has entered into an agreement to acquire Ikanos Communications in order to speed up its efforts to build home gateways with integrated support for G.fast, which promises to offer hundreds of megabit per second over copper. Read More

WEBCAST: Citrix Systems

Video: What is WAN Virtualization
This short animated video provides a quick overview of WAN virtualization. Watch and see how Citrix CloudBridge can revolutionize the enterprise WAN for greater reliability and cost savings while providing a better user experience. Learn More

For carriers, OSS is now a competitive advantage, not a cost center
Operations Support Systems excel in managing traditional networks, but they can be more, so much more, as we look forward to smarter networks that are more responsive to enterprise customer needs. Read More

Torrent trackers bring down the ban hammer on Windows 10 users
A BitTorrent tracker banned Windows 10 users over privacy concerns that Microsoft can remotely disable pirated games and send content of local hard drive searches to its servers. Some other private torrent trackers may follow suit. Meanwhile, some Russian lawmakers and lawyers want the Windows 10 operating system banned. Read More

WHITE PAPER: Citrix Systems

WAN Virtualization with Citrix CloudBridge
This white paper provides a detailed overview of WAN virtualization and discusses some of the unique features that the CloudBridge Virtual WAN solution provides. Learn More

Mobile devices pose biggest cybersecurity threat to the enterprise, report says
Earlier this month, Check Point Software released its 2015 security report which found that mobile devices have become the biggest threat for today's enterprises. Read More

HP serves up its open switches
HP this week unveiled networking products aligned with its strategy to disaggregate hardware and software, opening up choices for its customers. Read More

SEC CIO leads efforts to move agency to the cloud
Pamela Dyson is shepherding a determined, if incremental, effort to move her agency's applications to the cloud. Dyson was named the CIO at the Securities and Exchange Commission in February, after having joined the agency in 2010, when she joined an ambitious initiative to modernize and improve efficiencies in the SEC's IT infrastructure. Read More

Vulnerability in enterprise-managed iOS devices puts business data at risk
A vulnerability in the iOS sandbox for third party applications, like those installed by companies on their employees' devices, can expose sensitive configuration settings and credentials. Read More


13 big data and analytics companies to watch

Most of the newcomers not surprisingly have a cloud element to their offerings, leading to every sort of X-as-a-service pitch you can imagine.


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