Thursday, August 06, 2015

Intel’s big plan to seed the private cloud market

Red Hat readies OpenStack for the enterprise | ICANN resets passwords after website breach

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Intel's big plan to seed the private cloud market
Everyone knows Intel makes chips – but what's the company cloud strategy? Intel's not building its own public cloud to compete against stalwarts like Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure in the infrastructure as a service market. But nor are they sitting idly on the sidelines either. Read More


Realizing the Full Potential of Hybrid Cloud Computing
Hybrid cloud merges cloud benefits - agility, elasticity, availability and simplicity - with the flexibility to choose your platform. Read this exclusive survey from EMC and IDG to learn why IT leaders are opting for Hybrid Cloud in growing numbers, and how a vendor partner can help you on your Hybrid Cloud Journey. Learn More


Enterprise Platform as a Service for App Architectures
Apprenda is the only Enterprise PaaS on the market that supports both new and existing application architectures. In this whitepaper you'll learn how Apprenda supports your existing applications, how the applications are cloud enabled, and how they are on-boarded with Apprenda, using production customer examples. Learn More

Red Hat readies OpenStack for the enterprise
Red Hat has polished the open source OpenStack cloud hosting software so that it can be more easily deployed within enterprises. The latest edition of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform, released Wednesday, contains a number of new tools to minimize the amount of low-level configuration that must be done to get the complex stack running. Read More

ICANN resets passwords after website breach
The overseer of the Internet's addressing system said Wednesday that someone obtained information related to user accounts for its public website, although no financial information was divulged. Read More

The cloud helps enterprises break chains shackling IT
At Nordstrom, the cloud is all about freeing up IT workers so they can focus on getting new apps and features into customers' hands instead of wasting time putting servers into racks. (Insider Story) Read More

WHITE PAPER: Rackspace

Outsourcing IT Projects to Managed Hosting or the Cloud:
This white paper outlines 12 critical success factors to consider when outsourcing IT to managed hosting or the cloud. To compile this list, we drew from the 15+ years of hands-on experience Rackspace has gained helping hundreds of thousands of customers move workloads to managed hosting or the cloud. Learn More

IBM launches new services to help enterprises embrace Macs
IBM's year-long partnership with Apple took a new turn on Wednesday with the PC giant's announcement of new cloud services designed to help large companies incorporate Macs into their IT infrastructures. Read More

GE launches industrial Internet PaaS
GE took its industrial Internet platform to the cloud today with the announcement of Predix Cloud, a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) offering designed specifically for industrial data and analytics. Read More

Amazon isn't eating all of its own cloud dog food
The Wall Street Journal today takes a critical eye toward IaaS cloud providers like Amazon and Google who admit they are hosting some of their companies most sensitive workloads in private servers and not in their much-touted public cloud platforms. Read More

WHITE PAPER: Return Path

The DMARC Intelligence Report
Today, DMARC is the best remedy in the fight against phishing with the potential to nullify an entire class of fraud within the next few years. Learn which industries are early adopters, and which are failing to protect their brand and customers. Learn More

Fueling the need for speed, Fastly raises $75 million
Fastly has a plan. And that plan revolves around unseating traditional content distribution network (CDN) vendors. Read More

F5's Synthesis gets cloudy with Big-IP 12.0
F5, the de facto standard and market leader in application delivery controllers (ADCs), is holding its annual "Agility" event in Washington, D.C. At the event, the company took the covers off version 12.0 (formerly known as Badger) of its application delivery software, Big-IP. Read More

Alert Logic launches cloud-native vulnerability and configuration management tool
Alert Logic is a cloud security vendor that offers a solution that works across on-premises, cloud, and hybrid infrastructures and delivers insights into the security of individual applications gleaned from the activity of the application itself and the analysis of the data it gains from its 3,300 global customers. Read More


How much do CIOs really make? Pay packages of 25 Fortune 500 execs revealed

Compensation for CIOs includes cash, equity, perks.


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