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13 big data and analytics companies to watch

Slack cofounder: 'We didn't have a sense of the scale it could grow to' | IBM partners to make mainframes more mainstream

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13 big data and analytics companies to watch
Investors are piling oodles of funds into startups focused on helping businesses quickly and cheaply sort through enormous data collections of both the structured and unstructured variety. Most of the newcomers not surprisingly have a cloud element to their offerings, leading to every sort of X-as-a-service pitch you can imagine. Here's a look at some of the hottest big data and analytics companies. Read More

WHITE PAPER: Level 3 Communications

Driving Your Cloud Strategy with Private Network Solutions
There is no understating the impact of security and network connectivity on today's cloud environments. Yes, clouds can scale, expedite processing, and reduce costs, but they also incur risks associated with multi-tenancy, availability, and access control. Learn More

WHITE PAPER: Rackspace

Outsourcing IT Projects to Managed Hosting or the Cloud:
This white paper outlines 12 critical success factors to consider when outsourcing IT to managed hosting or the cloud. To compile this list, we drew from the 15+ years of hands-on experience Rackspace has gained helping hundreds of thousands of customers move workloads to managed hosting or the cloud. Learn More

Slack cofounder: 'We didn't have a sense of the scale it could grow to'
If there's anything Cal Henderson knows about, it's scaling technology to keep up with extremely rapid growth. As cofounder and CTO of Slack, maker of the wildly popular cloud-based team communication software by the same name, Henderson has seen the technological demands on his company skyrocket since it launched into beta two years ago Friday. Read More

IBM partners to make mainframes more mainstream
IBM is looking to boost its mainframe business with a Linux push that includes new hardware, software and the founding of the Open Mainframe Project. The company is also contributing mainframe code to the open source community. Read More

DCHQ Releases Docker management product into GA with 35 enterprise users
DCHQ is a startup building software for enterprises using Docker for application deployment and lifecycle management. Founded by MIT graduate Amjad Afanah, who formerly managed application automation offerings for VMware and cloud management solutions for Oracle, DCHQ is looking to fill a very important space: While every forward-looking IT department on the planet sees containers in general and Docker in particular as the way forward, there is a lack of mature management tools with which to keep everything in check. Read More


Enterprise Platform as a Service for App Architectures
Apprenda is the only Enterprise PaaS on the market that supports both new and existing application architectures. In this whitepaper you'll learn how Apprenda supports your existing applications, how the applications are cloud enabled, and how they are on-boarded with Apprenda, using production customer examples. Learn More

Mitel CEO: UC cloud, mobility show impressive growth
We sat down recently with Richard McBee, the Chief Executive Officer at Mitel to get his take on where the unified communications (UC) industry sits today and to ask for his insights about forward-looking trends. Read More

The cloud gets mobile apps moving
Immediately after Hurricane Sandy tore through New York City in October 2012, city officials needed a quick way to show the damage that had been done to streets and infrastructure. They needed an app -- and they needed it immediately. Read More

How to embrace open source tools in the enterprise
The model of the future is based on social, mobile, cloud and big data, and IT is realizing that to succeed it must have the right processes, tools and culture. This is where open source is a major benefit. Read More

WHITE PAPER: Red Hat, Dell & SAP

Agility, Simplicity, Modernization
CIOs today have more responsibility than ever to fulfilling business: increasing revenue growth, reducing operating costs and driving productivity improvements. Read how vendors are creating state-of-the-art systems to accommodate these systems in one solution. Learn More

8 essential add-ons for Google Docs and Sheets
Filling in the gaps in Google Docs and SheetsGoogle's cloud-centric office suite has come a long way over the years -- but for anyone whose needs stretch beyond the most basic word processing and spreadsheet editing functions, Docs and Sheets can at times leave something to be desired. Read More

No changes for Google Cloud in Alphabet shakeup
Google announced some big changes with the creation of a new parent company named Alphabet, which will oversee the search giant and other more exploratory businesses. Read More

Are mainframes the answer to IT's energy efficiency concerns?
I was reminded of just how hard it is to factor energy efficiency into purchase and configuration decisions while reading some recent claims in the media around the cloud, and I remembered some simple but often overlooked ways mainframes solve tough energy efficiency dilemmas. Read More


Top 10 techie vacation spots

Whether you want to unplug or plug-in, check out these getaways.


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