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Verizon Wireless did not dump Microsoft Lumia phones, it sold out

10 things that will happen in tech in 2015 | 10 things that definitely won't happen in tech in 2015

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Verizon Wireless did not dump Microsoft Lumia phones, it sold out
Some irresponsible reports around the technology blogosphere have noted that Microsoft Lumia phones have disappeared from sale on the Verizon Wireless website, and jumped to the conclusion that Verizon stopped selling them online. Read More

WHITE PAPER: Worksoft, Inc.

IDC Reports the ROI of Automated Business Process Validation
Industry analyst firm IDC examines the value proposition driving large SAP® customers to adopt automation as their new standard in quality assurance. The study quantifies ROI at 12 of the world's largest companies using Worksoft business process validation software, with benefits worth $4.2 million annually and a five year NPV of $11 million. Learn More

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Benchmarks of Bare-Metal & Virtual Clouds
In this report, Cloud Spectator measures the performance of Internap's bare-metal cloud offering against virtual offerings from Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Rackspace. Learn More

10 things that will happen in tech in 2015
From new international security incidents to virtual reality, these 10 tech trends and developments are all stone-cold locks for 2015. Read More

10 things that definitely won't happen in tech in 2015
Take it to the bank, there is no way any of this stuff is going to go down in 2015. Read More

Facebook growth nonexistent, Pew finds, while other social-media platforms gain users
Talk of Facebook's impending demise may be no more credible than today's latest Twitter rumor about the death of Fidel Castro, but that doesn't mean either one is the picture of health these days. Read More

Did Windows XP rise from the dead in December? Not exactly
The latest stats from Net Applications would indicate that, but it's not the full story. Read More

One watchband may be more important than any wearable at CES 2015
The Consumer Electronics Show is ground zero for wearable computing introductions—but they may all be missing a key point about what people really want in a smartwatch. Read More


Mitigate Risk with Data Access Governance
Learn how RSA provides ubiquitous access governance support across applications, databases, and all major file systems and Microsoft® SharePoint®, and see how RSA gives you one place to centrally manage and govern access. Learn More

IDG Contributor Network: Why smartphone encryption has law enforcement feathers ruffled
There's a downside to Android and iOS's privacy-enhancing encryption—it's going to be harder to catch criminals, police say. Read More

App Store set new records for downloads and revenue in January
Apple's App Store in 2015 is already off to a record-breaking start. Read More

'What do I do if my Internet pipes freeze?'
While everyone was enjoying the good laughs, the discussion took an unexpected turn. Read More

Tizen and webOS battle it out for TV sets at CES 2015
They lost the smartphone wars, but the two also-rans have a new battlefield – the TV. Read More

Alleged sketch of iPad Pro with four speaker modules emerges
A recent report from claims to show an internal sketch of the iPad Pro, the rumored 12.2 inch iPad Apple is supposedly working on. Read More

WHITE PAPER: Bitdefender

Security Business Review
The Security Business Review examines some of the latest C&C anonymization techniques found in the wild today. Learn More

The database popularity contest
Which database has the most buzz in the market? Read More

CES 2015: Why wireless smartphone charging might actually, seriously grow this year
We've said this before. A lot of people have. And although it needs to be said with as many grains of salt and as much caution as possible, it still needs to be said - wireless charging for smartphones and tablets could become a reality for mainstream users as soon as this year. Read More

'Find My iPhone' foils thieves once again
You might think that smartphone thieves would be smarter by now. Read More

Microsoft goes retro with Lumia feature phone
You can't play Angry Birds on it, but you won't have to charge it for a month, either. Read More

Beginning 2015 with a bang of 3 breaches: Bitstamp, Morgan Stanley, Chick-fil-A
Fearing a hack, Bitcoin exchange Bitstamp has temporarily suspended services. Meanwhile, Morgan Stanley said an employee stole sensitive data on 350,000 clients; Chick-fil-A confirmed an investigation into a credit card breach. Read More


The "Future" is now (well, in October)

15 things Back to the Future II got right (and horribly wrong).


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