Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Can't wait for Apple iOS 9?

New products of the week 1.12.2015 | The risks of a big man-made IT disaster are on the rise

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Can't wait for Apple iOS 9?
If the latest incremental version of Apple iOS 8 hitting the beta stage this week has you hankering for even more, check out one designer's vision for what iOS 9 could bring to iPhone and iPad users. Read More

WHITE PAPER: Brother International Corp.

A Secure, Easy to Deploy and Use Web Conferencing Solution
Web conferencing is now nearly ubiquitous. At the same time, new research shows that some concerns over the technology linger, particularly about security and ease of use and administration. Read this white paper to learn about technologies that can help address these challenges, both in the public and private cloud. Learn More

: Venafi

IT Security's Responsibility: Protecting Mobile Certificates
When it comes to protecting mobile certificates, IT security leaders must act responsibly - with next-generation trust protection. Find out how Forrester rates IT security leaders' knowledge and understanding of keys and certificate technologies for mobile. Learn More

New products of the week 1.12.2015
Our roundup of intriguing new products from companies such as WTI and Kesington. Read More

The risks of a big man-made IT disaster are on the rise
There's scant evidence that process improvements, security training or technology advances are reducing human errors in IT operations. If anything, the risk of technology disasters is growing, despite the industry's best efforts.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here(Insider Story) Read More

How Samsung disappointed me by actually providing good support
By fixing a big in its Android-powered Galaxy Camera 2, Samsung deprived me of the opportunity to criticize it on the internet. Read More


When Social Meets Business, You Get a Smarter Workforce
IBM Smarter Workforce focuses on three employee centric dimensions: Talent, Culture and Work. Using workforce science, analytics, collaboration tools and technologies, and flexible deployment models, it ensures a best-fit, engaged workforce. Learn More>>

iPhone separation anxiety is really a thing, researchers say
Some claim clutching your iPhone at all times can be a distraction, but new research shows that being without your precious smartphone can also make you lose focus. Read More

Samsung's new Galaxy A7 packs bigger screen, more processing power
The A7 comes after Samsung released the smaller A5 and A3 models Read More

4G speeds increase as LTE-Advanced becomes more common
Compatible smartphones will become cheaper and more plentiful Read More


Energizing Life's Work
If your life's work is about caring for people in a business context, the latest digital and social innovations from IBM can help you create a smarter workforce. Read Now

Palm lives! TCL to revive the classic brand
Palm is coming back to life after China-based TCL purchased the brand name from HP. Read More

Wi-Fi Aware certification process revs up
An emerging wireless service called Wi-Fi Aware could allow smartphone and tablet users to easily locate users of nearby devices in crowded locations to play games or collaborate. Read More

12 tips to tune your Wi-Fi network
More and more people are looking for Wi-Fi connectivity, especially at public venues -- on their laptops, smartphones and tablets -- to help conserve cellular data usage. Read More


Best of CES 2015: In pictures

The best and most noteworthy products and technologies found at CES 2015.


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