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How not to waste your money on the second wave of 802.11ac wireless gear

  13 geeky SkyMall catalog treasures you can't live without! | How TD Ameritrade's Chief Data Officer is driving change

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How not to waste your money on the second wave of 802.11ac wireless gear
The best way to avoid wasting your money on wave 2 of 802.11ac access points is to not buy them right away, and the second-best is to not overreact to their presence on your network. Read More

How Should Network Flow Inform VM Placement?
This whitepaper examines the latency-inducing pitfalls of common VM placement tactics, as well as a network flow approach that minimizes network, compute, and storage latency all at once. Learn More


Webcast - Cloud as a growth engine for business.
IBM and our business partners invite you to join us for a demonstration and interactive discussion about how you can benefit from moving your digital presence to the cloud and quickly deliver new innovative services — both internally and externally. Learn More>>

13 geeky SkyMall catalog treasures you can't live without!
Sky Mall treasuresWord that the parent company of quirky airline catalog SkyMall has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection means it's time to hurry up and order those treasures you've only browsed in the past. Here's a short list of must-have items for techies, or that you might want to surprise someone else with.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here Read More


How TD Ameritrade's Chief Data Officer is driving change
Derek Strauss, Chief Data Officer, TD AmeritradeTo read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here(Insider Story) Read More


8 Wi-Fi mistakes to avoid
Wi-Fi is great when it works right – and when it's secure. Although setting up Wi-Fi can seem straightforward, there are many complexities. Read More

WHITE PAPER: iDashboards
Dashboards for Government Policy Development
Dubai Statistics Center specializes in collecting, analyzing and publishing statistical information and data for government leaders and the business community. Using this data as the basis of planning and decision-making, they sought a solution that would provide deeper insight into this information. Learn More

IDG Contributor Network: Is it time to move to beamforming 802.11ac?
No, it's not a drone. D-Link and Linksys launch two of the fastest Wi-Fi routers ever. And one certainly looks like it. Read More

Are Americans really addicted to mobile banking?
  The number of laptop, smartphone, tablet and phablet owners who regularly use their gadgets for mobile banking is rising rapidly, according to a recent report. But the numbers don't add up, writes's Al Sacco. Read More

Developers begin work on LibreOffice for Android
A first beta version of the Libre Office productivity suite for Android devices is planned for March Read More


Six Essential Elements for A Modern Mobility Strategy
Enterprises that understand the strategic importance of mobility are moving to the head of the pack. With a cohesive mobile strategy that balances secure content sharing, enhanced collaboration, and a superior user experience, a company can ultimately facilitate innovation across the organization. View now

Oracle and Samsung said to be teaming up for mobile cloud delivery
Like the recent IBM-Apple deal, this union could bring benefits to both companies as they target enterprise mobile users. Read More

Why Apple should go into the mobile network business
If Apple really wants to control the whole experience of using an iPhone, it's time to consider becoming an MVNO. Read More

Modular smartphones could be reused as computer clusters
Circular Devices is already thinking beyond just its Puzzlephone concept Read More

IDG Contributor Network: Upcoming $200 ASUS smartphone ideal for contract ditchers
For those looking to dump their phone contract, ASUS may well have the perfect pre-pay phone. Here's a look at some of the numbers. Read More


Nordstrom's use of APM lets it identify app performance issues in minutes vs. days
Gopal Brugalette, Senior Applied Architect for Performance Engineering in Nordstrom's Performance Engineering Group To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here(Insider Story) Read More




Cooler than cubicles: 18 new designs for the office

Sit, stand, lean, curl up – today's commercial furniture designs let users choose how they want to work.


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