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A visual history of the smartwatch

25 most commonly used and worst passwords of 2014 | Microsoft to release Office 2016 later this year

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A visual history of the smartwatch
With the impending release of the Apple Watch, the smartwatch market is set to take off in 2015. Here's how it got to this point. Read More


Choose an Enterprise App Store Strategy
In this research report Gartner outlines how organizations can optimally secure, distribute, and manage mobile applications for employees and contracted workers. Learn More

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Advanced Case Management Leadership Guide
A guide that examines how IBM Case Manager offers an extensible platform for enhancing capabilities and protecting investments with additional value-added ECM capabilities from IBM, as well as industry-specific case management applications and best practices from IBM Business Partners. Read Now

25 most commonly used and worst passwords of 2014
If you see your passwords on this list, then congratulations - you are using the worst passwords on the Internet. Read More

Microsoft to release Office 2016 later this year
Even as Microsoft pushes Office 365, it will keep the classic product the same. Read More

Apple's original Apple Watch... from 1995
Way back when, Apple users who upgraded to System 7.5 were given the option of receiving a free wristwatch or a free copy of Conflict Catcher 3 (back when Mac OS extensions actually existed, of course). Read More

10 things the next version of Google Glass must have
Now that Google Glass has been put on "hiatus," this is what it will take for the widely ridiculed augmented reality headsets to make a comeback. Read More

Google stopped making Glassholes, not Google Glass
Google's cancelled Explorer program fell victim to the Silicon Valley hype cycle that turned free PR into negative PR. Read More

WHITE PAPER: iDashboards

Georgia Institution Stretches Budget with iDashboards
Dalton State College needed a dashboard solution that would assist them in summarizing, presenting and monitoring higher education metrics. They were able to efficiently convert their Fact Book, which usually took six weeks to finish, into dashboards to make more informed, timely decisions. Learn More

Drug-delivery drones are more common than you'd think
Drug dealers are becoming drone hobbyists. Read More

Illinois schools can legally demand students' social media passwords
Thanks to a cyberbullying law in Illinois, it's a crime to refuse to hand over students' social media passwords if the school wants them. Read More

Oracle is quietly becoming a cloud giant
Its cloud business is now half the size of Salesforce, and the gap is closing quickly. Read More

IDG Contributor Network: Watch out for an upcoming leap second
One day this year we'll have 86,401 seconds, not the usual 86,400. When that's happened before it's caused some software to get way out of wack. Read More

A patch is the catch: Cisco survey
Corporate security teams are not patching holes in their software or security tools, according to a Cisco survey released this week. Read More


A Mobile Security Checklist
Today's most productive employees are not tied to a desk. These top producers are experts at finding new ways to integrate mobile devices into their daily workflow. Your challenge is to build an IT strategy and architecture that can support this new way of working with easy, reliable, 24/7 access to information, from anywhere in the world. Learn more!

Scared of 802.11AC Wave 2 Wi-Fi? Here comes Cisco Multigigabit to the rescue
Cisco recently addressed some of the challenges in migrating to 802.11AC Wave 2 Wi-Fi. Read More

Hackers could exploit security holes in Progressive Insurance Snapshot devices
Progressive Insurance Snapshot devices are riddled with security flaws that attackers could exploit to hack vehicles. Read More

iPad Pro rumored to come with Stylus accessory
Apple may release an optional stylus for use on the rumored iPad Pro. Read More

Changes to Patch Tuesday underscore bigger shakeup in Microsoft security
Microsoft has made a change in its Patch Tuesday reporting, along with changing the name of the initiative, and some people see it as a sign that things are getting shaky within the company. Read More

Cyberwar games: Finally something that might help keep us secure
After a week of PR-heavy cybersecurity initiatives, the planned cyberwar games might actually help teach us how to be safer. Read More


2015's 25 geekiest 25th anniversaries

A look back at the most memorable tech-related happenings of 1990.


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1. Why did Microsoft skip Windows 9 and jump to Windows 10?

2. Oracle is quietly becoming a cloud giant

3. The hottest 3D printing projects

4. FBI and IRS warn of pervasive, maddening business, consumer scams

5. Box CEO Aaron Levie's top 10 snarkiest Tweets

6. After being dumped by Firefox, Google wants users back

7. Data center, cloud, SDN driving Ethernet switch market to $25B

8. The first place to tackle SDN? In the WAN

9. Peeping into 73,000 unsecured security cameras thanks to default passwords

10. Scared of 802.11AC Wave 2 Wi-Fi? Here comes Cisco Multigigabit to the rescue

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