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Scared of 802.11AC Wave 2 Wi-Fi? Here comes Cisco Multigigabit to the rescue

  10 cool network and computing research projects | Acompli: A look at Microsoft's new mobile email tool

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Scared of 802.11AC Wave 2 Wi-Fi? Here comes Cisco Multigigabit to the rescue
Cisco recently addressed some of the challenges in migrating to 802.11AC Wave 2 Wi-Fi. Read More

WHITE PAPER: Brother International Corp.

A Secure, Easy to Deploy and Use Web Conferencing Solution
Web conferencing is now nearly ubiquitous. At the same time, new research shows that some concerns over the technology linger, particularly about security and ease of use and administration. Read this white paper to learn about technologies that can help address these challenges, both in the public and private cloud. Learn More

How Should Network Flow Inform VM Placement?
This whitepaper examines the latency-inducing pitfalls of common VM placement tactics, as well as a network flow approach that minimizes network, compute, and storage latency all at once. Learn More

10 cool network and computing research projects
  If you think the latest enterprise and consumer network and computer technologies rolling into your data center and being snuck into your offices by end users are advanced, wait until you see what's cooking in the labs at universities and tech companies. Much of well-funded research is aimed at security, simplifying use of current technology and figuring out how to more easily plow through mounds of big data. Here's at peek at 10 projects. Read More


Acompli: A look at Microsoft's new mobile email tool
As much as we try to, we simply cannot seem to shake our collective email habit. We embrace social networks for collaboration, we use SharePoint for productivity and document sharing, we run Skype to bring us closer and more connected with our colleagues. But at the end of the day, email is the lowest (and most popular) common denominator among working professionals. It is important that the tooling for handling email be great; sadly, this has not usually been the case on our beloved smartphones.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here(Insider Story) Read More


A visual history of the smartwatch
With the impending release of the Apple Watch, the smartwatch market is set to take off in 2015. Here's how it got to this point. Read More


Microsoft Azure Overview and Key Features
Why should you consider Microsoft Azure? Benefits include improved efficiency and agility, scalability, lower IT costs and a consistent user experience between Microsoft's Cloud and your cloud. View Now

10th time's the charm: Microsoft finally solves big problems with Surface Pro 3
Surface Pro 3 is relatively glitch-free after its 10th firmware update, released last week, resolved many long-standing issues Read More


Why smart devices and wearables will be security's new headache
First it was BYOD and how to secure all of those smartphones in your organization. That's old news! Now those smart devices are communicating with smartphones, and that means they're the weakest link in your cyber kill chain. Read More


iPad Pro rumored to come with Stylus accessory
Apple's rumored iPad Pro may be accompanied by a stylus accessory Read More

WEBCAST: Aerohive

Understanding the Network Impact of 802.11ac
Watch this webinar recording featuring Forrester Research for an overview of the current 802.11ac technology, a discussion on how high-speed Wi-Fi & application control impacts your network architecture, and take a look at how a proper network strategy can save you 40% or more on your investment. View Now>>

Chinese smartphone brands conquer more of the market in 2014
Samsung and Apple, however, remained the two leading brands Read More

Sprint now says it's OK with broadband reclassification
The company will continue to invest in its network if the FCC passes Title II net neutrality regulations Read More

16 Android Widgets to Make Your Smartphone and Tablet Better
If you're not using widgets, you're simply not realizing the true value of your Android smartphone or tablet.'s Al Sacco shares a collection of his favorite widgets, all free and all very much worth a download. Read More


The hunt is on to extend battery life for mobile devices
Check out 5 battery-boosting technologies being tested in research labs now. Read More




2015's 25 geekiest 25th anniversaries

A look back at the most memorable tech-related happenings of 1990.


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