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IT jobs: Recruiting challenges spur higher salaries, better perks

  Reexamining Cisco's Intercloud strategy | Microsoft's big decision: Who gets a free upgrade to Windows 10?

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Recruiting challenges spur higher salaries, better perks
Skilled job seekers are in an enviable position in the simmering tech industry, as hiring managers compete for talent, boost job offers, and improve on-the-job perks to keep existing employees from looking elsewhere. "It's really the technologists' choice right now. They can be very picky," says Jack Cullen, president of IT staffing and recruiting firm Modis. Read More


Redefining the Enterprise Architect's Role
The practice of Enterprise Architecture is undergoing a significant transformation. According to Gartner, the majority of enterprise architects will change their mission and focus on aligning business and IT strategies, delivering value, and enabling a major business transformation. View Now>>


Advanced Case Management Leadership Guide
A guide that examines how IBM Case Manager offers an extensible platform for enhancing capabilities and protecting investments with additional value-added ECM capabilities from IBM, as well as industry-specific case management applications and best practices from IBM Business Partners. Read Now

Reexamining Cisco's Intercloud strategy
  About a year ago a group of executives at a Cisco offsite meeting huddled to discuss a very serious issue: What was the company going to do about the cloud? "We're going back to our roots," says Nick Earle, senior vice president of Worldwide Service Sales at Cisco. "We're going to provide connectivity to the clouds." Read More

Microsoft's big decision: Who gets a free upgrade to Windows 10?
One of Microsoft's biggest decisions this year will be whom to charge for Windows 10, and the dollar figure on the price sticker. Hints of that decision could come as early as Jan. 21, when Microsoft executives will not only unveil the next iteration in Windows 10's string of previews, but also further explain Windows' part in the company's overall strategy. Read More


The Enterprise Mobility Maturity Model
Where is your business when it comes to mobile? To go beyond simple apps to mobile solutions that will give your business a competitive edge, you first need to understand where you are and where you need to go. Our Enterprise Mobility Maturity Model is here to help you. Learn More

AT&T builds on Internet of Things offerings with cloud-based data store
AT&T announced new design tools and a managed service for enterprise-based developers to use in building Internet of Things (IoT) apps and services. Read More


Review: Salesforce has the right stuff for mobile development
Salesforce.com started as a cloud service for sales force automation. The company added a cloud-based development platform, Force.com, with a Java-like language (APEX), and went on to acquire the Heroku PaaS and a number of other services. Read More


WHITE PAPER: Curvature

Smart Companies are Migrating their Maintenance Contracts
By refocusing their strategy to maintenance contracts that are independent of OEM policies, companies can maximize their IT budget while managing their infrastructure more efficiently. Read about alternative strategies and debunk IT market myths. View now

Get ready to replace datacenter appliances with telco services
New platforms are enabling telcos to offer IT-aware services for security, performance and optimization, private cloud, and other functions. Soon enterprises and SMBs can simply use a portal to order a function as a service instead of installing dedicated hardware to run firewalls, VPNs and so much more. Read More

Are PC hard drives destined to die at the hand of the cloud? Maybe, analysts say
  As more and more users store their data on the Internet, does the need for local hard drives diminish? Fortunately for hard drive makers, the answer is a definite maybe, a panel of analysts said Sunday. Read More

10 outsourcing trends to watch in 2015
IT outsourcing experts tell CIO.com what to expect in the year ahead. If they're correct, 2015 could bring better business outcomes, billions in renegotiation, the end of the RFP, and -- wait for it -- cloud robots. Read More

Rackspace DNS recovers after DDoS brings system down
Managed cloud service provider Rackspace has recovered from a DDoS attack that crippled the company's DNS servers for 11 hours earlier this week. Read More



The "Future" is now (well, in October)

15 things Back to the Future II got right (and horribly wrong).


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