Monday, January 26, 2015

Smartphones, tablets & eBay send SkyMall to Chapter 11

13 geeky SkyMall catalog treasures you can't live without! | Big visions for 5G before the FCC

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Smartphones, tablets & eBay send SkyMall to Chapter 11
Quirky airline catalog SkyMall's parent company files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection Read More


How Should Network Flow Inform VM Placement?
This whitepaper examines the latency-inducing pitfalls of common VM placement tactics, as well as a network flow approach that minimizes network, compute, and storage latency all at once. Learn More


Bridging the Gap Between Users and IT
The BYOA trend is accelerating, as more users are ditching their current solution and introducing their own collaboration apps into the workplace, often without consulting IT. Read this study to learn four ways IT pros can regain control of collaboration. Learn More

13 geeky SkyMall catalog treasures you can't live without!
Sky Mall treasuresWord that the parent company of quirky airline catalog SkyMall has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection means it’s time to hurry up and order those treasures you’ve only browsed in the past. Here’s a short list of must-have items for techies, or that you might want to surprise someone else with.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here Read More

Big visions for 5G before the FCC
Drones, robots, high-altitude balloons and low-altitude satellites are all envisioned to provide fifth-generation (5G) wireless connections as early as 2020, according to recent FCC filings from 55 companies, including Google, Samsung, Intel and Qualcomm. Read More

Hottest Enterprise Network & Computing Startups of 2015
Coming off a huge year in venture capital investing, the bar has been set high for 2015. But network and computing startups, focused in areas such as the cloud, security and mobile, promise to reap big dollars from investors this year as well. Here's a running timeline of startup investments, with an emphasis on those of interest to enterprise IT pros. Read More


Six Essential Elements for A Modern Mobility Strategy
Enterprises that understand the strategic importance of mobility are moving to the head of the pack. With a cohesive mobile strategy that balances secure content sharing, enhanced collaboration, and a superior user experience, a company can ultimately facilitate innovation across the organization. View now

BlackBerry issues futile call for 'app neutrality'
This proposal by BlackBerry – actually sent to U.S. lawmakers yesterday – calls for the government to compel the likes of Netflix to make their applications work with the likes of BlackBerry whether business considerations justify it or not. Read More

Apple's original Apple Watch... from 1995
Long forgotten, Apple back in 1995 released a watch. It was anything but smart. Read More

Google looks to become a mobile carrier
The company has made deals to offer service over the Sprint and T-Mobile networks, according to reports Read More


Protecting Customers and Safeguarding Brand Reputation
Agari's Quarterly TrustIndex offers a unique scorecard to see how well both individual companies (133 companies) and entire industries (11 industries) have protected their customers from email cyberthreats. Because Agari gathers this data every quarter, we have patterned the trend lines to learn who is doing better and who is falling behind. Learn more>>

Uh oh, Google, here comes Microsoft's HoloLens
Less than a week after Google said that it would stop selling prototypes of its Glass wearable, Microsoft announced that it's coming out with its own computerized headset. Read More

Amazon ditches Wallet mobile payment service
The app let people store and use reward and loyalty cards for making purchases Read More

Next up for Microsoft: Close the app gap
While eyes will be on Microsoft today as it touts Windows 10 for consumers, the company's Build developer conference in three months will be just as important to the upgrade's future. Read More


2015's 25 geekiest 25th anniversaries

A look back at the most memorable tech-related happenings of 1990.


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