Monday, January 19, 2015

9 Linux distros to watch in 2015

Why killing Google Glass could ultimately save it | Intuit gets greedy, nearly doubles price of TurboTax

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9 Linux distros to watch in 2015
A list of the most interesting Linux distros to keep up with in 2015. Read More


Quintillion Case Study
Hedge fund administration company Quintillion doubles its asset and investor portfolio while keeping staff levels almost flat, by working with Insight 2 Value to deploy an efficient content management solution, based on IBM Case Manager. Read Now

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WHITE PAPER: PC Connection | EMC

10 Reasons: VSPEX End User Computing with XtremIO
End User Computing solutions with XtremIO deliver massive, consistent I/O performance to ensure that every desktop provides an ideal user experience. Learn More

Why killing Google Glass could ultimately save it
The Glass team was fighting an uphill battle. The best course of action was to take Glass out of the spotlight. Read More

Intuit gets greedy, nearly doubles price of TurboTax
After Intuit turned what had been a standard feature for the Deluxe version into costly add-on, H&R Block moved in and offered its jilted customers a free alternative. Read More

What does the end of mainstream Windows 7 support mean for IT?
So long as you have a service contract, you need not worry about your work PC. Read More

IDG Contributor Network: Is it time to move to beamforming 802.11ac?
New, high-powered AC routers are proliferating. Read More


IBM Value-based Archiving Solutions
This solution brief highlights IBM Value-based Archiving Solutions, which help enable organizations to apply specific archiving logic—including content-based analytics and classification, records declarations, and metadata processing—to address the requirements of archiving projects. View Now>>

Hacker builds wireless Microsoft keyboard keylogger disguised as USB wall charger
Built for as little as $10, Samy Kamkar's KeySweeper secretly "sniffs, decrypts, logs and reports back (over GSM) all keystrokes from any Microsoft wireless keyboard in the vicinity." Read More

The philosophical implications of Mac malware
This past week a security vulnerability came to light which raised a philosophical question that sent me into an existential tailspin. It was, specifically, the headline for an article about that security vulnerability (named "Thunderstrike") that rocked my metaphysical world. Read More

3 ways to run 'normal' Linux on a Chromebook
For those who need to tinker, here are some ways I've found to run alternative Linux distros on a Chromebook. Read More

Researchers pair augmented reality, connected car to kill the traffic light
One of the potential ripple effects of the connected, and even driverless, car is the future of the traditional traffic light. The consensus seems to be that it doesn't have a very hopeful one. Read More


2014 State of Enterprise Mobility Survey
We surveyed 100 CIOs and 100 mobile leaders, asking them to explain their goals with mobile and identify the pain points they've been facing when building mobile apps. The results may surprise you - particularly the average time and cost of app development for these enterprises. Learn More

Windows 10 to have a grand coming out party on January 21
Microsoft will hold a huge all-day event at its Redmond campus on January 21st to disclose more information on Windows 10, such as its release date. The company is also expected to launch a widespread beta test release for the masses to pound on. Read More

IDG Contributor Network: Device lets smartphones communicate during network outage
Looking for a kit to ramp-up emergency preparedness? A new smartphone add-on may help. Read More

Hackers dump over 30,000 confidential client emails after bank refuses to pay ransom
After Swiss bank BCGE refused to pay a 10,000 euro ransom, the hacking group Rex Mundi leaked "30,192 private emails sent by both Swiss and foreign customers," as well as other confidential correspondence. Read More

After acquiring Sanbolic to fill storage void, could Citrix target networking next?
The Sanbolic acquisition bolsters Citrix's storage resources, and raises questions about its needs in other areas. Read More

How Samsung disappointed me by actually providing good support
By fixing a bug in its Android-powered Galaxy Camera 2, Samsung deprived me of the opportunity to criticize it on the internet. Read More


Best of CES 2015: In pictures

The best and most noteworthy products and technologies found at CES 2015.


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1. EMC shoots down break-up talk: 'We're better together'

2. Windows 10 to have a grand coming out party on January 21

3. What does the end of mainstream Windows 7 support mean for IT?

4. How 16 top computer science programs measure up

5. The philosophical implications of Mac malware

6. Hacker builds wireless Microsoft keyboard keylogger disguised as USB wall charger

7. What advanced tech will dominate your car by 2025? IBM knows

8. Peeping into 73,000 unsecured security cameras thanks to default passwords

9. Quick look inside IBM's snazzy new mainframe

10. 9 Linux distros to watch in 2015

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