Tuesday, August 05, 2014

A breakdown of Cisco ACI pricing

25G driving Ethernet switch market to $25B | Danish university transfers data at record-breaking 43Tbps over a single fiber

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A breakdown of Cisco ACI pricing
Software licensing, hardware costs, and bundles for starters and Catalyst 6500 upgrades Read More

WEBCAST: Cisco Systems

Innovations that Protect Against Advanced Attackers
This webinar will explore new technologies and process for protecting endpoints from advanced attackers and how innovations like continuous data collection combined with big data analytics are pushing the envelope for what security teams can do during and after an advanced attacker puts them in their sights. Learn more >>


NSS Data Center Firewall Test
NSS Labs Product Analysis for Fortinet Data Center Firewall Learn More

25G driving Ethernet switch market to $25B
It's not here yet but it'll be a big seller when it is, says Dell'Oro Read More

Danish university transfers data at record-breaking 43Tbps over a single fiber
The new record surpassed the old one for single-laser, single-fiber transmission by a margin of 11Tbps Read More

WHITE PAPER: Juniper Networks

Security in the Next-Generation Data Center
This white paper examines these trends, and it reveals the key capabilities that today's security teams require to effectively ensure that vital corporate assets remain secure, while at the same time optimizing access, cost, and administrative efficiency. View Now

Cisco patches traffic snooping flaw in operating systems used by its networking gear
The vulnerability affects the OSPF routing protocol implementation on Cisco networking equipment Read More

New products of the week 08.04.2014
Our roundup of intriguing new products from companies such as EMC and RSA. Read More


Bridging the Gap Between Business and IT
There's a growing gap between business users and IT services. Differences between what users want and what IT can provide are driving a wedge between these two camps. Learn how this gap can be closed with the RES IT Store delivering automation in an easy-to-use and easy-to-implement package. Learn more

Processor delays hurt ARM server adoption, Dell exec says
The low-power advantage in ARM server chips is diminishing, says Dell's server chief Read More

The best cities for landing top pay for your tech skills
We drill into IT salary data to help uncover hidden hot spots that pay top dollar for your IT skill set Read More

Red Hat aims at standardization with Linux for 64-bit ARM servers
Red Hat wants Linux for ARM servers to avoid the fragmentation that plagued Unix in decades past Read More

Abuse of Larry Ellison continues unabated
How much of this abuse does the Oracle board of directors expect its rock star CEO Larry Ellison to endure?How much of this could any CEO endure?First, Ellison saw his total compensation slashed 18% in 2013 over 2012.And now on top of that humiliation comes word in a regulatory filing that Oracle will be awarding Ellison fewer than half the stock options he has received in previous years.Oh, sure, the heartless and the hate-mongers will harp on the fact that the 18% reduction still left Ellison with a total compensation package worth $78.4 million, highest in the tech industry. They’ll note that the 3 million stock options he’s in line to receive, while no 7 million, remain nothing to sneeze at. And that his net worth of $42 billion makes him the third richest American.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here Read More


Black Hat 2014: How to crack just about everything

From cell phones and cars to IPv6 security researchers have turned their skills against a world of technology.


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8. 5 Big Data projects that could change your life

9. The best cities for landing top pay for your tech skills

10. Black Hat 2014: How to crack just about everything

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