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Gartner: Think twice before deploying Windows 7

Gartner: Think twice before deploying Windows 7 | New security tools from Tenable, HP, Co3 attempt the impossible

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F5 partners should seek service growth
Last week, I was fortunate enough to present at F5's Agility Partner Conference. The event was held in New York's Times Square and had about 1,000 of F5's reseller partners, all looking to get a handle on what's next for the fast growing vendor. One of the things I enjoy about partner events is that it gives me an opportunity to interact with many of the resellers and see if what I'm observing aligns with the trends in their business.During my presentation, I talked a lot about the complexity of IT today and the opportunity that it creates in the area of professional services. There's no doubt that IT is more complicated today that it was a decade or even five years ago.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here Read More


Looking to the Horizon: SDN
Software-defined networking is one of the hottest buzzwords of 2014, but saying exactly what SDN is can be a challenge. SDN has its roots in the early 1990s, when both network managers and service providers began to express frustration with typical network architectures that inhibited innovation and change Learn More

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Network Monitoring and Troubleshooting for Dummies
The Network Monitoring and Troubleshooting for Dummies Book introduces you to common network performance management (NPM) issues and give you a new way of looking at solving them. This perspective allows you to see your network from your users' point of view, namely, the services and applications they use and their experience with them. Learn More

Gartner: Think twice before deploying Windows 7
Companies have been less willing to embrace Windows 8, preferring instead to downgrade PCs they deploy with Windows 7 instead. All well and good, but Gartner is advising them that unless they want to go through another XP-like headache, they should start preparing to move off Windows 7 instead of to it. Windows 7 will be supported until 2020 and is still very popular, but it is also five years old now and getting a little long in the tooth. Microsoft has given up trying to make people like Windows 8 and is charging full steam ahead with Windows 9, a.k.a. Threshold, for a Q2 2015 release. Stephen Kleynhans, research vice president at Gartner said in a blog post on Tuesday. While this feels like it's a long way off, organizations must start planning now, so they can prevent a recurrence of what happened with Windows XP.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here Read More


Achieve Deeper Network Security and Application Control
Next-generation firewalls (NGFWs) have emerged to revolutionize network security as we once knew it. Yet to safeguard an organization from today's ever-evolving threats, NGFWs must be able to deliver an even deeper level of network security. View Now

New security tools from Tenable, HP, Co3 attempt the impossible
Automated incident response is one of the fastest growing fields in computer security. Alternatively called threat monitoring, vulnerability management or threat management, it encompasses the seemingly impossible task of defending a network from active threats as they happen, in addition to detecting every possible vulnerability that could be exploited by an attacker. Read More

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Build a cloud with best-in-class security and app delivery
This guide explores two solutions that organizations use to build a network for today's evolving enterprise and how you can fully address cloud requirements for secure application delivery. Read now for this vital information on cloud networking! Read now

5 Big Data projects that could change your life
Most over-hyped technology trends wear out their welcome pretty quickly, which should make skeptics among us wary about Big Data. However, while Big Data is being touted as the latest trend that will change the world, the skeptics aren't as, well, skeptical as they were about cloud and social.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here(Insider Story) Read More


Black Hat 2014: How to crack just about everything

From cell phones and cars to IPv6 security researchers have turned their skills against a world of technology.


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