Wednesday, August 27, 2014

21 Weird and Wacky Wearables You'll Actually Want

  Study disputes predictions of coming spectrum crunch | Store mannequins can now beacon passing smartphones

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21 Weird and Wacky Wearables You'll Actually Want
These 21 unique wearable devices are all worth a look — and some could genuinely enhance your life. Read More

WHITE PAPER: Instart Logic
Boost Conversions and Deliver High Definition Experiences
Download this whitepaper to discover Instart Logic's radical new approach to delivering web and mobile sites that reduce wait time, enables high-resolution images, and more. Learn More>>

WHITE PAPER: Xirrus/Cisco/Aerohive/Extreme Networks/Motorola

The 2014 Wi-Fi Challenge
The explosion of mobile devices shows no signs of letting up, especially with the Internet of Everything just over the horizon. Wi-Fi is the connection method of choice, which means networks need the best possible solution to meet this growing demand. Which Wi-Fi vendor has the right solution to meet the challenges of the mobile revolution? Learn more

Study disputes predictions of coming spectrum crunch
Mobile traffic growth has often been slower than predictions by several analysts, the paper says Read More

Store mannequins can now beacon passing smartphones
For the first time, store mannequins are being embedded with Bluetooth beaconing chips. And it's cross-platform. Read More

The iPhone 6 unknowns
What we don't know far outnumbers, and outweighs, what we think we know. Read More


Five Ways Box Makes SharePoint Better
This whitepaper describes the top five ways that businesses are adding mobility and collaboration to SharePoint with Box. 5 ways businesses add mobility and collaboration. Learn More

Sprint's cut in data prices won't help its network woes
'Sprint is hobbled by its network,' one analyst says Read More

California passes law mandating smartphone kill switch
The law is likely to affect smartphones sold around the world Read More

Some iPhone 5 owners eligible for free battery swap
"Very small percentage" of about 50 million phones. Read More


Driving Enterprise Transformation with Box and Office 365
This whitepaper best practices for integrating two common enterprise applications – content creation and collaboration – with Box and Office 365. It provides a guide for business making the transition to the cloud and key use cases for collaboration. Blending Content Creation and Collaboration. Learn more>>

LG's G3 Stylus has low-res 5.5-inch display and 13-MP camera
The smartphone will cost between US$200 and $300 without a contract when it ships next month Read More

Microsoft cuts prices of Surface 2 in possible sign of new models this fall
  Microsoft cuts prices of Surface 2 in possible sign of new models this fall Read More

How Sensors Can Add Zing to Your Apps
The addition of sensor data can turn boring applications into exciting ones that impress your customers, a Forrester analyst says. Read More

Samsung sinks to new low with ALS Ice Bucket Challenge video
Samsung advertising reached a new low late this week with the posting of a Galaxy S5 taking the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Read More



12 oddball odes to open-source

Hey, I just met you / and this is crazy / but here's my pub key / so msg me maybe.


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