Wednesday, August 27, 2014

MegaPath introduces new Unified Communications solution

  Windows 9 on ARM could kill the desktop, merge Windows Phone and Windows RT | California passes law mandating smartphone kill switch

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MegaPath introduces new Unified Communications solution
MegaPath launched its Unified Communications service this week, integrating its existing IP voice telephony portfolio with enhanced collaboration features, such as screen sharing, presence, instant messaging, SMS text messaging, and videoconferencing. Read More

WEBCAST: Xirrus/Cisco/Aerohive/Extreme Networks/Motorola

Exploring the Impact of the Internet of Everything on Wi-Fi
Industry analyst Robin Layland joins Sanjoy Dey of Motorola and Kowshik Bhat from Xirrus to discuss how the Internet of Everything will impact Wi-Fi. The discussion explores how real the trend is and then moves on to the challenges created by the Internet of Everything and ways to overcome them. View now

WEBCAST: Xirrus/Cisco/Aerohive/Extreme Networks/Motorola

Is a Cloud-Based Wi-Fi Right for Your Enterprise?
Mathew Edwards from Aerohive, Mike Leibovitz from Extreme Networks and Robin start by defining a cloud-based Wi-Fi offering. They then review the pros and cons of two different types of cloud offerings. They finish up by exploring the cost implications and key questions to ask any possible cloud-based vendors. View now

Windows 9 on ARM could kill the desktop, merge Windows Phone and Windows RT
Surface 2 buyers and other Windows RT tablet owners may be left out of the fun when Microsoft reveals Windows Threshold (a.k.a. Windows 9) at the end of September, as the tipped release is said to be for PCs and tablets built around traditional x86 processors alone, according to a recent report. Read More

California passes law mandating smartphone kill switch
Smartphones sold in California will soon be required to have a kill switch that lets users remotely lock them and wipe them of data in the event they are lost or stolen. Read More


CRM's Dirty Little Secret: How to Avoid CRM Sticker Shock
When making a CRM decision, it is important to ensure your deployment will not be hit with hidden fees or other extra costs that reduce the return on investment. This study reveals the total cost of ownership (TCO) among the three leading midmarket CRM solutions. View Now>>

iPhones, iPads ripe for the picking
  Attackers could compromise iPads and iPhones on a large scale through the infected computers that make up botnets, researchers say. Read More

Microsoft considering development boards for Windows Phone, RT
Microsoft has considered making development boards for Windows Phone or Windows RT in addition to the x86 boards it already makes, but the company isn't saying if it would ever release such products. Read More


The New Mobility: Astonishingly Simple and Powerful
Mobility has not only changed how we live, it is also dramatically changing the network infrastructures that we rely on. For the better. As organizations cope with a tidal wave of mobile users, mobile applications, and demand for pervasive access, it's becoming clearer that prior-generation approaches to providing mobility are breaking. Learn more

Two Galileo GPS satellites launched in wrong orbit
Two satellites that are intended to form part of the European Galileo satellite navigation system went astray from their intended orbit after launch from French Guiana on Friday, satellite launch company Arianespace said. Read More

Store mannequins can now beacon passing smartphones
Here's a scenario: You're zig-zagging through your neighborhood department store and a touch of schmutter on one of the mannequins catches your eye. One glance at your phone, and sizes in-stock, colors, and other data spew forth like an ecommerce website gone mad. Well, elements of that are now here. Read More

For Verizon, VoLTE means video calls, HD voice and Alaska
High-definition voice calls are now available on all four major U.S. carriers after a nationwide launch by Verizon on Tuesday, though there's a long way to go before all those systems all work together and run over LTE. Read More



12 oddball odes to open-source

Hey, I just met you / and this is crazy / but here's my pub key / so msg me maybe.


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