Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Cisco's new UCS fabric interconnect: no ACI?

IBM focuses on identity management with Lighthouse buy | Know When to Walk Away: Top 6 Job 'Deal Breakers'

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Cisco's new UCS fabric interconnect: no ACI?
The quietly introduced 6324 "mini UCS" has no connection to newest data center fabric Read More


Portable A/C as Permanent Cooling Solutions for Data Centers
Using a building's central A/C system to cool a data center can be costly. Installing a precision-cooling system or mini-split can also be expensive, and usually prohibited in leased spaces. This paper examines the benefits of portable spot air conditioners as a less-expensive, permanent solution. Click to continue


San Francisco CSO Perspectives Conference 9/23
Attend the CSO Perspectives Conference taking place on Tuesday, September 23 at the Hotel Nikko San Francisco. At this one-day event, produced by CSO and focused on "Data Protection & Privacy," you'll have the opportunity to get answers to your most burning security questions, and network with peers who wrestle with similar issues and concerns. Register Today!

IBM focuses on identity management with Lighthouse buy
The Lighthouse acquisition will bring IBM the ability to offer identity management as a service Read More

Know When to Walk Away: Top 6 Job 'Deal Breakers'
At what point do workplace annoyances become 'deal breakers?' Here are six signs that it's time to pack it in and move on. Read More

WHITE PAPER: SIGMA Solutions and EMC Corporation

Confront consumerization with convergence
Virtualization expert Elias Khnaser spotlights the security, compliance, and governance issues that arise when enterprise users "consumerize" with shadow IT and public cloud services. And he provides a prescription for modifying this behavior with a private cloud hosted on a robust converged infrastructure. Learn More

New products of the week 08.11.2014
Our roundup of intriguing new products from companies such as LANDesk and NetIQ Read More

Emerging networking technology used by Apple, Cisco will frustrate firewalls
Multipath TCP improves performance but hampers security Read More

WHITE PAPER: Juniper Networks

Security in the Next-Generation Data Center
This white paper examines these trends, and it reveals the key capabilities that today's security teams require to effectively ensure that vital corporate assets remain secure, while at the same time optimizing access, cost, and administrative efficiency. View Now

Nadella leaves no doubt about who is in charge in first six months as CEO
He's had his share of hits and misses but he's made his presence felt from the start Read More

IBM/DARPA turn out brain-like 5-billion transistor superchip
The developers said the chip, which can be tiled to create large arrays, is built on Samsung Foundry's 28nm process technology, the 5.4 billion transistor chip has one of the highest transistor counts of any chip ever produced. Each chip consumes less than 100 milliWatts of electrical power during operation. When applied to benchmark tasks of pattern recognition, the new chip achieved two orders of magnitude in energy savings compared to state-of-the-art traditional computing systems, DARPA and IBM said. Read More


Black Hat 2014: How to crack just about everything

From cell phones and cars to IPv6 security researchers have turned their skills against a world of technology.


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5. Cisco's new UCS fabric interconnect: no ACI?

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7. Emerging networking technology used by Apple, Cisco will frustrate firewalls

8. IBM/DARPA turn out brain-like 5-billion transistor superchip

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10. Top 20 colleges for computer science majors, based on earning potential

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