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Brocade pitches open networking to cash-strapped feds

Verizon is tops in network performance, reliability, speed in 2014 tests | Review: Citrix Xen Mobile rates a spot on your MDM short list

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Brocade pitches open networking to cash-strapped feds
If storage and compute power can be purchased on a usage-based pricing model, like a utility, then why can't networking follow the same path? Moreover, why shouldn't that network run on an open architecture that fosters competition among multiple service providers? That's Brocade's pitch to the federal government – a market that the networking vendor is targeting aggressively in its bid to gain share from its larger rival Cisco Systems. Read More

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Network Monitoring and Troubleshooting for Dummies
The Network Monitoring and Troubleshooting for Dummies Book introduces you to common network performance management (NPM) issues and give you a new way of looking at solving them. This perspective allows you to see your network from your users' point of view, namely, the services and applications they use and their experience with them. Learn More


How Network Connections Drive Web Application Performance
Users around the globe, on all sorts of devices, expect Web applications to function as seamlessly as desktop applications. This paper discusses the challenges and solutions for effectively delivering applications in today's global marketplace. View now

Verizon is tops in network performance, reliability, speed in 2014 tests
Verizon Wireless beat out the other three national carriers for overall network performance, reliability and speed in the first half of 2014, according to an analysis by RootMetrics. AT&T was not far behind Verizon. Read More

Review: Citrix Xen Mobile rates a spot on your MDM short list
When we reviewed six mobile device management products in 2013, Citrix declined the opportunity to participate, but the company has changed its mind with the recent release of Xen Mobile v9.0 MDM. In our testing, we found that the software stacks up nicely against AirWatch and Good Technology, the two leaders from that review, and should be on any IT manager's short list, particularly if you already use other Citrix connectivity products. Read More

Start-up fights ambush attacks on SDN, virtual machine networks
Start-up GuardiCore is working on a security product that works through a 'honeypot' approach to detect and block stealthy attacks on software-defined networks (SDN) and multi-vendor virtual-machine infrastructures for enterprise customers as well as cloud-service providers. Read More

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IdentiFi Brochure
IdentiFi Wireless is proven to be the most scalable Wireless solution on the market. This didn't happen overnight; IdentiFi Wireless technology has grown and evolved for over a decade with an extensive and diversified customer base. Learn more about the entire IdentiFi Wireless Solution. Learn more

Vehicle-to-vehicle networks could save over 1,000 lives a year, US says
The U.S. government wants to force cars to talk to each other over wireless networks, saying that could save more than 1,000 lives every year. Read More

Sprint slashes shared data plan prices
As promised last week by its new CEO, Sprint announced late Monday it will lower its shared data plans to prices below those offered by other national carriers starting on Friday. Read More

Powerful Soap router surpasses funding goal, headed for production
Fed up with poking around cornball router settings on a laptop? Here's a router with an evolutionary UI—a full touchscreen—plus it has all the radios and connections you could possibly want. Read More

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The Next Logical Evolution in WLAN Architecture
Motorola Solutions has been the driving force behind the creation and evolution of the wireless LAN (WLAN), from its inception through today's third generation architecture. Today, they are Introducing the world's first scalable, virtualized WLAN controller that brings a new level of scalability, cost efficiency and reliability to the WLAN. Learn more

Industry standards for secure network access
As someone who is passionate not only about innovation in security but also about the standardization of those innovations, I thought I'd point out a few of the recent efforts that I've either been involved in, or am just very interested in. Read More

10 things about (the Internet of) things
Floating things, flying things, finding things and fashion things are all part of the Internet of Things. Prepare for a hyper connected future. Read More

Why it is time to intensify employee education on phishing
Companies should consider intensifying employee training to combat the increasing craftiness of phishers who are working harder to obtain personal details on targets in order to trap them in scams. Read More


Top techs the CIA thinks are hot

Through its investment firm called In-Q-Tel, the CIA funds companies, mostly start-ups, to push forward technologies deemed useful to government intelligence agencies.


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