Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Microsoft tweaks SharePoint Online to free up site storage

  Dell bundles backup software, eyes further development | Virtual hard drives: The IT pro trick that lets you back up your data for free

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Microsoft tweaks SharePoint Online to free up site storage
The company also increased the maximum amount of SharePoint site collections in Office 365 to 500,000 from 10,000. Read More

WHITE PAPER: A10 Networks
Server Offload Is the Key
This paper is designed to lay out the ROI for the A10 Thunder™ Series ADC product line. It attempts to explain and quantify how ADC solutions can be used to increase the efficiencies of your infrastructure to significantly reduce your expenses, and to increase your competitive advantage. View Now>>


Free Pass: Attend ConnectIT Seminar - New York - Aug 21
Computerworld invites you to ConnectIT, a NEW peer networking forum with sessions surrounding Private Cloud, Data Management, and Storage. The event takes place on Thursday, Aug 21 at the New York Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge. Register today for free at: http://events.computerworld.com/ConnectIT.NY14

Dell bundles backup software, eyes further development
Dell is organizing the backup software products that it has acquired in the past two years into a coherent portfolio, bundling three of its storage software products into a single package to simplify licensing for the enterprise. Read More

Virtual hard drives: The IT pro trick that lets you back up your data for free
Once you finally start backing up your data (like you've been told to over, and over again), consider using a virtual hard drive (VHD). VHDs have been used by IT professionals for years in virtual machines and server applications, but you can also use them as a free, easy-to-use backup format—especially since the tools required to use it come with Windows. Read More

Brocade Pitches Open Networking to Cash-Strapped Feds
If storage and compute power can be purchased on a usage-based pricing model, like a utility, then why can't networking follow the same path? Moreover, why shouldn't that network run on an open architecture that fosters competition among multiple service providers? That's Brocade's pitch to the federal government – a market that the networking vendor is targeting aggressively in its bid to gain share from its larger rival Cisco Systems. Read More

10 Steps to Reducing Mainframe MLC Costs
Monthly license charges (MLC) are rising by 7% or more each year, and account for 30% of total mainframe costs. Yet managing MLC costs is an inexact science. Learn More

Dropbox sharpens search on Android app
The cloud storage company's Android app also gained document preview capabilities. Read More

AMD announces Radeon R7 SSD product line, made by enthusiast manufacturer OCZ
AMD swill sell three 2.5-inch SSDs manufactured by enthusiast house OCZ, allowing AMD to offer high-speed storage alongside microprocessors and graphics chips. Perhaps more importantly, AMD is offering a four-year warranty that assumes users will write 30GB daily to the drive for each of those four years—far more than most users will likely do. Read More

IBM opening two state-of-the-art disaster recovery/resiliency centers
IBM is about to cut the ribbon officially opening two new state-of-the-art data centers intended to provide disaster recovery and resiliency services, one in the Raleigh, N.C. area and other in Mumbai, India. Read More

WHITE PAPER: Skyhigh Networks
Checklist for Selecting Enterprise-Ready Cloud Applications
To minimize risk, organizations must employ a methodology to identify and select enterprise-ready cloud services. This 21 step checklist includes the five categories of attribute to evaluate and an audit framework from the Cloud Security Alliance View Now>>

Microsoft preps Office 365 document management tool for lawyers
Microsoft has developed a document management add-on for Office 365 intended for lawyers, signaling a possible interest by the company in creating vertical-industry tools for the suite. Read More

Oracle gives Exadata some backward compatibility
Oracle has made it possible to run a much older but still widely used version of its database software on Exadata, in a move that could make heretofore reluctant buyers pull the trigger on a purchase of the data-processing appliance. Read More

Heartbleed exposes weaknesses in hardware design
Heartbleed may have been a software bug, but it highlighted glaring weaknesses in existing hardware architectures, which remain vulnerable to memory-bound attacks, a university researcher said this week. Read More



Top techs the CIA thinks are hot

Through its investment firm called In-Q-Tel, the CIA funds companies, mostly start-ups, to push forward technologies deemed useful to government intelligence agencies.


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