Tuesday, March 24, 2015

What's Cool and Uncool in Networking

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What's Cool and Uncool in Networking

The upcoming Apple Watch promises to be both nice looking and useful. It seems that the usefulness more than the appearance is what ultimately makes it cool, though.

Using Your Network for Netflix Streaming

It's hard to find someone who doesn't like Netflix. A huge selection of movies-on-demand for a low monthly fee - what could be cooler than that? (OK, maybe BitTorrent).

Introduction to Home Network Backups

No one gets excited about backups. Spending a bunch of time and money to make copies of things you already have, feels like so much wasted time. It's totally uncool - until disaster strikes and you desperately need your data back, that is.

Learn How to Hack Wi-Fi with Android Devices

The practice of hacking computers and computer networks began decades ago, by people who thought it was cool to hack telephones but wanted a new challenge. Perhaps one reason why Android has become so popular is its usefulness as a platform for ... hacking.

Introduction to Wireless Power (Electricity)

Nicola Tesla was cool for a few reasons, but his vision for a world powered by wireless electricity is just awesome. Could it happen in our lifetime?

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