Monday, March 09, 2015

10 cool tablets from MWC 2015

  Best new Android & Windows smartphones at MWC 2015 | How to connect to enterprise Wi-Fi security on Android devices

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10 cool tablets from MWC 2015
A top 10 tablet tour from the tech types in Barcelona. Read More

WHITE PAPER: Citrix Systems
Comprehensive Enterprise Mobile Management for iOS 8
This white paper provides an overview of the new iOS 8 capabilities in comparison to iOS 7 and how Citrix XenMobile makes it easier to manage iOS 8 devices without compromising the user experience. Learn More

WHITE PAPER: Citrix Systems
10 Essentials for Secure EMM
This white paper highlights 10 key points encompassing security, user experience, IT operations and BYOD to help your organization realize the full benefits of mobility. Learn more

Best new Android & Windows smartphones at MWC 2015
Samsung, HTC, Sony and others debut brand new smartphones at Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona. Read More


How to connect to enterprise Wi-Fi security on Android devices
Connecting to wireless networks using the enterprise or 802.1X mode of Wi-Fi security is a bit different compared to using the personal or pre-shared key (PSK) mode. Here's what you need to know. Read More


Meru Networks targets growing market for cloud-managed Wi-Fi
With a solution aimed at small businesses but which could apply to larger organizations, Meru Networks is turning to the cloud for plug-and-play Wi-Fi. Read More

Cisco unfazed by HP/Aruba
WLAN leader says No. 2 provides "bolt on" solution Read More


Mobile Security: Confidence Ebbs as BYOD Booms
Download this two-page paper detailing the IDG Research results and for expert advice on securing your organization's data in an increasingly mobile world. View more

How not to get slammed by the FCC for Wi-Fi blocking
Rick Hampton, the wireless communications manager for Boston-based Partners Healthcare, has seen the dialogue among network professionals heating up in the wake of the FCC's sternly-worded enforcement warning about illegal Wi-Fi blocking and says it's no wonder the commission is fired up. Read More

Apple in, AT&T out of The Dow
Apple, whose stock market value recently ballooned to more than $700 billion, later this month will take AT&T's place on the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Read More

New products of the week 03.02.2015
Our roundup of intriguing new products from companies such as InstartLogic and Krystallize. Read More

Android for Work pushes Google further into enterprise
Google is courting enterprise customers like never before, but it has lacked a proper mobility framework for Android since the OS debuted. Now the company wants to change the game with Android for Work, but could its efforts prove to be too little, too late? Read More


What to Consider Before Deploying New Laptops
Older PCs are a risk due to outdated OSs and the lack of robust hardware-based security. This Cheat Sheet paper discusses the points you should consider when selecting notebooks and laptops for your mobile and remote workforce. View Now

5G, net neutrality may be headed for a showdown
While regulators look for equal treatment, 5G envisions lots of special services Read More


Attackers clone malware-laden copies of popular apps
Don't get angry when cyber crooks give your enterprise the bird, get even. Read More


Review: Microsoft Azure beats Amazon and Google for mobile development
Easier than Amazon's Mobile SDK and more complete than Google's Firebase, Azure Mobile Services has more of what developers need Read More

Backyard ice bar gets cooler with 3D printing
We upped the tech quotient of our backyard ice bar with coasters made from 3D-printed forms. Read More



15 of the best Google Chrome experiments ever

A look at some of the coolest bits of Chrome experimentation out there, in honor of Google's 1000th Chrome experiment being published this week.


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