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Hadoop dev hands on sessions and tableau data visualization

The demo class for Hadoop on Monday (03/02/2015) at 8.00 PM(CST)/ 9.00 PM EST OR March 4th at 8.30AM IST
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please confirm us your availability for the same.

For any further information on demo or Queries please revert back to or contact us on 615 266 6667

Course duration - 30 days
session timing - every day one and half hour (8.00 pm CST / 9.00 PM EST) OR at 8.30AM IST
Lab assistance - any time available
material - reference material provided
Course curicullum

Introduction to Big Data and Hadoop:
- What is Big Data?
- Big Data in Action
- Big Data Analytics
- RDBMS vs Hadoop vs DataWarehouse
- Hadoop Ecosystem
- Various Hadoop Distributions
- Hadoop Cluster
HDFS: Hadoop Distributed File System:
- HDFS Architecture
- HDFS Writes
- HDFS Reads
- Rack awareness
- Fault Tolerance
- NameNode
- Secondary NameNode
- Interact with HDFS
- HDFS Commands
- HUE Interface for Hadoop
- Hands on Exercises
Java Training (Pre Recorded Copies):
- Mapreduce architecture
- Mapreduce Model
- Mapreduce Framework and Various phases
- Speculative Execution
- Input/Output formats
- Map Reduce Hands On Programming
- Mapreduce Debugging
- Distributed Cache
- SequenceFiles
- Hands on Exercises
- Pig philosophy and architecture
- Grunt shell
- Loading data
- Exploring Pig Latin commands
- Pig Transformations
- Hands on Exercises

- Hive architecture
- Hive vs RDBMS
- HiveQL and the Hive shell
- Data types and schemas
- Creating tables (external vs managed)
- Creating Partitions
- Creating Views and Indexes

HBase and NoSQL
- Architecture and schema design
- HBase vs. Other NoSQL Options
- HMaster and Region Servers
- Column Families and Regions
- When to use HBase
- When not to use HBase

- What is Sqoop?
- Sqoop Usage
- Sqoop Commands

-What is Spark?
-RDD concept
-Spark components (Spark Streaming,MLLib, Spark SQL etc)
-Installing Spark
-Hands On
Hadoop Admin Concepts:
-How to install Hadoop
-Routine Admin Activites
-Monitoring and Maintaining Cluster
New and Upcoming Features and Tools in Hadoop:
HDFS Federation
Hadoop HA
Mapreduce 2 or YARN
Hadoop Security Options
Interview and Certification Guidance and Other Misc.. topics

Tableau Data Visualization
-Server configuration
-Developing views
-publishing views
-Tableau javascript

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