Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Springing Into Networks

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Springing Into Networks

If you like our piece last month on criminals of the Internet, you'll probably be interested in this recent in-depth piece on Kevin Mitnick. Kevin has turned his technical experience into a lucrative career. But you don't need to be a hacker to be productive with networks.

Top 10 Tips for Hiring Network Professionals

If you’re a business owner or hiring manager, choosing the right people for your staff is a critical task. From reviewing resumes, to interviewing candidates and negotiating offers, consider these essential tips for hiring computer network professionals. (It's not always practical to hire a former hacker to help your firm improve its network security, but that's another idea to consider.)

Saving Time and Money with Computer Networks
Today's high-tech world offers unprecedented options for people to connect with each other. The Internet and computer networks in general have become an essential tool for business and personal communication. Consider these approaches for getting the most productivity out of your networks.
Introduction to Home Network Backups

A home network backup system maintains copies of your personal electronic data files in case of computer failures, theft or disasters. You can manage your own home network backups or choose to use an online service. Considering the impact of possibly losing irreplaceable family photos and documents, the time and money you spend on network backups is almost certainly a worthwhile investment.

Introduction to Computer Network Topology

Think of a topology as a network's virtual shape or structure. This shape does not necessarily correspond to the actual physical layout of the devices on the network. For example, the computers on a home network may be arranged in a circle in a family room, but it would be highly unlikely to find a ring topology there. Network topologies are categorized into five basic types... .

The Role of Computer Networks in Social Networking
What Is an IP Address?
Introduction to Computer Network Adapters
Where's the Best Place for Your Wireless Router?
Introduction to Proxy Servers
What Is Cloud Computing?
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