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The myth about how Amazon’s Web service started just won’t die

  Fave Raves 2015: What's your favorite enterprise IT product? | How Google avoids downtime

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The myth about how Amazon's Web service started just won't die
Learn how AWS got started and what its co-founder is doing now that he says could be bigger than cloud. Read More


Efficient, Affordable Data Management
Together, Microsoft and CommVault deliver a flexible, secure and cost-effective solution for data management both on premises and in the cloud. More and more organizations are looking to leverage the cloud for operational, financial and strategic reasons. View Now


3 Ways to Restore Salesforce Data
Data loss in Salesforce can be disastrous for your organization. Understand the three options for restoring lost data so you're ready when the worst happens. In this paper learn: -3 methods for restoring lost Salesforce data -Challenges and benefits of each method -Best practices for backup and restore Learn More

Fave Raves 2015: What's your favorite enterprise IT product?
Do you have a favorite enterprise IT product you can't live without? Tell us about it and we'll share your raves with our readers. Read More

How Google avoids downtime
Google offers lots of services and it has pretty good reliability. How does the company do it? Much of that is up to Ben Treynor, Google's vice president of engineering, and founder of the company's site reliability team. And he's developed an interesting approach at Google for thinking about reliability. Read More

Will network disaggregation play in the enterprise?
Disaggregation seems to be all the rage in networking these days. HP is the latest to decouple merchant silicon-based hardware from operating system software, following Dell and Juniper. Read More

: Spanning

The Google Apps Admin Guide to Peace of Mind eBook
You enjoy the benefits of Google Apps but have you taken the proper steps to protect your Google Apps files from data loss? In this eBook learn: -Ways Google Apps data can get permanently deleted -What Google offers for protection and gaps you need to fill -How to prevent and recover from data loss Learn More

Docker introduces orchestration tools for large scale deployments
As adoption of the Docker virtualization container grows, the namesake company behind the open source technology has released three tools for managing large scale deployments. Docker Machine, Swarm and Compose are collectively designed to make containers more portable and scalable, so they can be deployed and managed more easily en masse. Read More

The downside to mass data storage in the cloud
The cloud can be an enormously cost-effective way to increase storage and computing musculature, and also, sadly, a way to further add misery to those seeking privacy—or who just want to be left alone. I Read More

HP shakes up cloud execs
Last week was a busy one for HP, and specifically its cloud. Read More

Cloud: Delivering Performance in Shared Environments
This whitepaper explores how service providers use VMTurbo to provide consistent performance across all workloads, as well as the three roles a responsible managed service provider (MSP) takes in order to accomplish that directive. Learn More

A quick hands-on with Cherry Trail: screaming graphics for tablets
Intel's Cherry Trail Atom chips are almost here, and if you're in the market for an Intel-based tablet the future looks bright. Read More

VMware takes on mobile networks with vCloud for NFV
VMware has jumped into the hot NFV market with a platform that lets service providers run their network functions as virtualized applications from different vendors. Read More

Brocade acquires mobile SDN company
Brocade has announced plans to acquire Connectem, a privately-held company whose virtualization software maps mobile workloads to clouds. Read More



15 of the best Google Chrome experiments ever

A look at some of the coolest bits of Chrome experimentation out there, in honor of Google's 1000th Chrome experiment being published this week.


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6. Will network disaggregation play in the enterprise?

7. 15 of the best Google Chrome experiments ever

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9. Samsung hopes better looks, more power will make the Galaxy S6 a winner

10. MIPS Creator CI20: Sort of a challenge to the Raspberry Pi


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