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Cisco programs the cloud

To avoid NSA, Cisco gear gets delivered to strange addresses | School district gets an HP SDN makeover to address wireless growth, security problems

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Cisco programs the cloud
Cisco recently unveiled three enhancements to its core and edge platforms for service providers to increase programmability for cloud and IP traffic growth. The new offerings include Application Engineered Routing, the IOS XRv 9000 Virtual Router and 100G Ethernet line cards for the ASR 9000 series edge router. Read More

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Top 5 Reasons Your Need Backup for Salesforce
How safe is the information you store in Salesforce? Learn 5 challenges businesses face and how to overcome them. In this eBook learn: -Top 5 threats to your Salesforce data -How to proactively prevent and recover from these threats -How to remain compliant in the cloud Learn More

WHITE PAPER: ThousandEyes

Evolution of Network Monitoring: From Data Center to Cloud
The enterprise data center used to be the hub for application delivery. Now it's just another segment in the application delivery chain. Current environments are more complex, diverse and distributed, and require an altogether new approach to network monitoring. View more

To avoid NSA, Cisco gear gets delivered to strange addresses
It appears some Cisco Systems customers have since taken steps to prevent NSA tampering. The company has shipped equipment to addresses that are unrelated to a customer, said John Stewart, Cisco's chief security and trust officer, during the Cisco Live conference in Melbourne. In theory, that makes it harder for the NSA to target an individual company and scoop up their package. But supply chains are tough to secure, Stewart said, and once a piece of equipment is handed from Cisco to DHL or FedEx, it's gone. Read More

School district gets an HP SDN makeover to address wireless growth, security problems
Faced with exponential growth in wireless devices and an increasingly digital curriculum, Jeff Dietsche, Systems and Infrastructure Manager for the South Washington County Schools in Minnesota, decided his only hope was to deal with a single vendor and use SDN to streamline operations. Dietsche tells the tale to Network World Editor in Chief John Dix. (Insider Story) Read More

NFV and SDNs will make up the cloud
Carriers as we know it are about to change significantly by the unbundling of services and functionality of what's thought of as carriers and telcos. The bits and pieces of networking, already becoming rapidly redefined by Software Defined Networks (SDNs), have conceptual sockets connected to carriers' virtualized networking components. Read More

: NexGen Storage

Achieve Consistent Performance With Hybrid Flash Array
Download now and examine Orangefield's journey to find a solution that would meet, and exceed, their performance and capacity requirements. Learn More

HP boxes up the cloud for the enterprise
Enterprises that wish to enjoy the benefits of cloud computing but still prefer to keep computational resources in-house should take a look at a new cloud system offered by Hewlett-Packard. Read More

Akamai: Most Internet attacks in Q4 originated in China
A majority of the Internet attack traffic in 2014's fourth quarter originated in China, followed by the U.S., according to cloud service provider Akamai. Read More

F5 leverages LineRate to go lightweight for software defined IT environments
A little over two years ago, application delivery controller market leader F5 Networks acquired LineRate Systems to jump into the software defined networking (SDN) game. Read More


ING Transforms DevOps to Reduce Cost and Speed Delivery
ING, one of the largest banks in Europe needed to reduce the high cost of isolated, inefficient application development. They chose IBM PureApplication System to move their IT infrastructure to a cloud-based shared service model. In this Webcast, ING executive, Mark Willemse, shares the lessons ING learned from this strategic initiative. Learn more

Cisco, Microsoft part of optics consortium directing data center standards
A group of big name vendors including Cisco, Microsoft, Dell, Intel, Broadcom, Juniper and Arista Networks this week created a consortium to address switch faceplate bandwidth density and airflow constraints caused by increasing networking speeds. Read More

Top enterprise IT companies where people want to work
Poachable, a Seattle startup that specializes in connecting passive job-seekers with companies looking to hire, says enterprise network and IT companies such as Microsoft, IBM and Cisco are among the most desirable places to work. But largely consumer-focused companies, like Google, Apple and Amazon, are even more attractive. Read More

Cisco small business phones open to remote eavesdropping, calling
You don't need to be the NSA to tap calls on Cisco's SPA 300 and 500 IP phones: An authentication flaw allows potential attackers to do that by default. Read More


7 things we want to see in the Surface Pro 4

Perhaps a "Surface Pro 4" will debut at the same time or soon after Windows 10 launches. Here's what we'd like to see in the Surface Pro 4.


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