Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Wi-Fi In Your City

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Wi-Fi In Your City

Faced with lack of government support, some resourceful residents of Havana, Cuba created SNet - a city Wi-Fi network that's probably the largest such network in the world that doesn't connect to the Internet.

What Is Net Neutrality?

The term net neutrality refers generally to controversies over regulation of Internet networks - specifically, the policies of Internet service providers for controlling access to network services. Some providers may prefer to regulate the flow of traffic through their networks for business reasons, while free economy advocates suggest that traffic controls are unnecessary... .

Introduction to Internet and Network Data Plans

The folks using SNet don't need an Internet data plan, but most of the rest of the world does.The article linked just above, explains how this works.

Does IP Address Location Really Work?
IP addresses on computer networks do not represent specific geographic locations. It is still theoretically possible, however, to determine the physical location of IP addresses in many cases.
Ways to Manage the Network Usage of Mobile Devices

Anyone who relies on personal mobile devices like smartphones or tablets sooner or later faces issues with data usage on the online network services they subscribe to. Online services normally restrict the total amount of data traffic each subscriber can generate on the network during a given time period. This data usage can quickly grow out of control if not properly managed.

Free Online Wi-Fi Hotspot Locators
Finding the IP Addresses of Email Senders
Top Apps for Monitoring Online Data Usage
Introduction to Cloud Storage
Networking with Cell Phones and Cellular Modems
What's My IP Address?
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