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HP deal marks milestone for open source networking hardware

  California firefighters battle blazes with data from the cloud | ARM, IBM offer starter kit for making IOT devices

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HP deal marks milestone for open source networking hardware
If you still harbored any doubts that the web is now driving the future of IT, last week's announcement that HP will offer disaggregated products for web-scale data centers via deals with Cumulus and Accton should be enough to convince you. Read More

Cloud: Delivering Performance in Shared Environments
This whitepaper explores how service providers use VMTurbo to provide consistent performance across all workloads, as well as the three roles a responsible managed service provider (MSP) takes in order to accomplish that directive. Learn More

WHITE PAPER: Cloud Cruiser
7 Deadly Sins of Failed Cloud Projects
How do you put together a good solid cloud strategy that satisfies the diverse needs and expectations of all the stakeholders? It should come as no surprise that a good solid plan with a well-defined use case, the right project team, and measurable success criteria is the common denominator in all of the success stories. Learn More

California firefighters battle blazes with data from the cloud
Crews responding to California wildfires can now access aerial photos, stats on ground moisture and wind, and other data to help them plan their attacks. Read More

ARM, IBM offer starter kit for making IOT devices
ARM and IBM want hobbyists to make their own connected devices in a matter of minutes with a new development kit announced Monday. The ARM mbed IoT Starter Kit -- Ethernet Edition will allow users to make cloud-ready Internet of Things products that could receive or transmit data for analysis or alerts. Read More

10 tips for mastering Microsoft cloud SLAs
On Nov. 19, 2014 the IT department of a Texas contracting company started getting reports that the Microsoft Office 365 cloud-based email system was unavailable to its employees.After the outage IT leaders huddled and filed a claim with Microsoft for a breach of the company's service-level agreement (SLA). But the response they got from Microsoft surprised them: Web access was still available so the service was not technically unavailable and therefore it was not a breach of the SLA. Read More

Can You Really Support Business Continuity Requirements?
Virtualization brought about the ability to simplify business continuity management in IT. Workload portability and data replication capabilities mean that physical infrastructure failures no longer need impact application services, and they can rapidly be recovered even in the event of complete site failure. Learn More

How Target can beat Amazon's free shipping
  Some headlines practically require a click, such as this one from Mashable: 'Target undercuts Amazon on free shipping.' How do you undercut free? Is Target going to pay me for the privilege of shipping a package to my house? Read More

Lenovo's Superfish nightmare may be the tip of the iceberg
The Superfish problem didn't happen in a vacuum. And it's not limited to just certain Lenovo notebooks sold between October 2014 and January 2015. Read More

Think you know your competitors? This tool helps uncover some you don't
Military leaders live by the maxim 'know your enemy,' and a new tool from marketing-intelligence company GinzaMetrics helps apply that wisdom to business. Read More

WHITE PAPER: Cloud Cruiser
Total Cost of Ownership for the Move to Cloud
This paper provides a step-by-step process for determining your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for your Hybrid IT environment. We provide a TCO Calculator, a critical tool for evaluating and comparing various sourcing alternatives and forecasting your IT costs in the cloud. Learn More

IBM brings BlueMix platform services in-house
The hybrid cloud will be the focus of this year's IBM Interconnect cloud computing conference, as the company rolls out new offerings designed to help enterprises extend their in-house operations. Read More

Box buys Airpost, a startup that keeps tabs on cloud app use
Box has acquired Airpost, a startup that helps enterprises detect and manage the use of cloud applications by their employees. Read More

Hadoop's big step toward interoperability
In news that flew somewhat under the radar, a new consortium of tech companies – including Pivotal, Verizon, IBM and others – banded together this week to form the Open Data Platform (ODP), which could go a long way in making big data projects more palatable to everyday users. Read More

IBM channels stadium rock at its new Interconnect conference
For the opening of its largest user conference in recent memory, IBM wanted to show attendees the power of cloud computing and the Internet of Things. So it asked everyone in the MGM Grand auditorium to don a plastic wristband with an embedded chip and some LED lights. Read More



Top 10 DNS attacks likely to infiltrate your network

DNS-based attacks are on the rise because many organizations don't realize DNS is a threat vector and therefore don't protect it.


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