Monday, February 09, 2015

Digium Adds New Cloud-Based Business Continuity Option

Skype fails: 5 of the worst problems and how to fix them | Office complex implants RFID chips in employees' hands

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Digium Adds New Cloud-Based Business Continuity Option
Digium has introduced a new business continuity service with its latest service offering, Switchvox Rescue. Read More


Collaboration 2.0 Death of the Web Conference
This new study from Ovum and by LogMeIn is based on a survey of over 3,900 full time professionals worldwide regarding their collaboration and meeting-related behaviors and activities. Learn More


Transforming Your Business with Software as a Service
IBM SmartCloud Solutions delivers the SaaS solutions needed to maximize collaborations, accelerate innovations, make impactful, informed decisions and become a truly customer-centric organization. Learn More

Skype fails: 5 of the worst problems and how to fix them
Skype is an essential business and communications tool, but it can also be a pesky one. Here’s how to get its more annoying features under control.1. Skype can’t seem to find my webcam, speakers, or microphone One of the most common complaints with Skype is that it loses its connection to some essential component—either your camera, speakers, or microphone. While some of these problems can be traced to hardware problems, driver issues, or simple Windows errors that rebooting can fix, many are caused by Skype’s own confusion. Image: Christopher Null This advanced settings system in Skype can quickly fix those “no microphone detected” problems.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here Read More


Sametime 9.0 Demo
IBM® Sametime® V9.0 represents the next generation of real-time social communications software. Showcasing a simplified user interface for desktop, web and mobile clients, V9.0 is energizing today's enterprise with high definition, real-time communications. Learn More

Office complex implants RFID chips in employees' hands
The corporate tenants of a Swedish high-tech office complex are having RFID chips implanted in their hands, enabling access through security doors, as well as services such as copy machines, all without PIN codes or swipe cards.The employees working at Epicenter, a 15,000-square-foot building in Stockholm, can even pay for lunch using their implants -- just as they would with the swipe of a credit card.The owners of Epicenter say they want the facility to be a "magnet for fast growing digital companies and cutting-edge creative corporate initiatives."To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here Read More


Evolving Toward the Next Phase of Email
Osterman Research conducted a survey during March 2014 with 294 information workers to determine how they employ email, how they manage various information focused work processes, and the changes they would like to see in these processes. Read the research paper for key takeaways about social collaboration and email. Learn More>>

New products of the week 02.09.2015
New products of the weekOur roundup of intriguing new products. Read how to submit an entry to Network World's products of the week slideshow.8x8 Virtual Office Analytics Suite of ServicesPricing: "Analytics Essentials" - $3.99 per Ext for all 8x8 Cloud PBX Extensions;  "Analytics Supervisor" $39.99  per ​Queue or Ring Group user license​; "Analytics Service Quality" $500 per 8x8 Cloud PBX User licenseTo read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here Read More

Microsoft CEO Nadella joins Ballmer and Gates in making silly predictions
A year into his tenure, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has now joined both of his predecessors, Steve Ballmer and Bill Gates, in achieving the dubious distinction of issuing spectacularly unlikely predictions.Is doing this kind of thing on some sort of Microsoft executive checklist?Nadella, as you may have heard last week, was asked by an ABC News interviewer to name “a technology that we rely on today that will not be around a decade from now?”Nadella’s reply: “Fountain pens.”The interviewer held up her garden-variety pen and asked, “No more of these?”To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here Read More


25 Valentine's Day gifts for geek gals (and guys)

Geeks at heart, these 25 Valentine's Day gifts are for you and yours.


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