Friday, February 20, 2015

Victoria's Secret Water Trike

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Ask about our new '5 Year Warranty'


To: Old Friends, New Friends.
From: Howard Parker, Aquatic Adventures International, Inc.

Date: 2/20/2015
Re: News


Good day and greetings from our Management Team!

Our marketing guy thought we should spice up our advertising just a bit by hiring a Victoria's Secret model riding one of our Aqua-Cycle Water Trikes. We couldn't afford that but thought you would appreciate seeing a picture of a pretty girl on the beach anyway, especially during February. So with a little help from Photoshop, enjoy:



With 2015 now in gear, we have initiated a new effort to reach out to inform you of important news.  We would also be pleased to offer you a chance to provide some feedback about our products directly to me, the President of the company.

But first the news:

We're now offering a new 5 year Warranty. And its the best in the business. Visit our website to read about it.

Maintenence equals longevity. Replacing the bearing blocks on the Aqua Cycle is the key to longevity. Some of our customers who have followed the maintence protocol are still renting units 25 years old.

Parts. In the rare case of having to replace parts, we've got 'em in the warehouse. No waiting.

Time to trade up? If you own older units, we can help you sell them. (Our newest units are better than ever with more than 70 improvements to our original design.)

New features. A new attachable umbrella has been designed and is available now.

We'd like to hear your story. We have been pleased to hear suggestions, requests, and success stories from owners of our Aqua-Cycles. See some of them below and then write to me if you will by replying to this email.


What our customers say.

"We have been renting Aqua-Cycles for almost 30 years.  We replace them every 10 years or so with new ones and add a few more to our inventory.  We now have sixteen (16) on our seven-acre lake.  Each time we buy more, we make our money back within just a few months."

John, of Wheel Fun Rentals in Irvine Park, Orange California.


"Our units paid for themselves in less than two months and are now 10 years old."

Dennis, of Islander Water Sports in the Florida Keys.



"Our Aqua-Cycles are rented 4 to 5 hours per day and this is our slow season!  We are wanting to order more!

Ian, of Waikiki Beach Hawaii.

"Aqua-Cycles are in the water from open until close.  They are one of our most rented pieces of equipment." 

Stephanie, of Oceanview Watersports in Norfolk Virginia.




What the numbers say.

Avg. rental rate per hour Avg. rentals per day Avg. rental days per year Avg. Gross Income per year

Avg. 1st year cost per Aqua-Cycle
(includes freight & maintenence)

Avg. life per Aqua-Cycle
$25/hr. 5 140 $18,500 $4,500 15 years


We're here to help you.

Visit our new website to learn more:

You can also contact us directly to order parts, more Aqua-Cycles, or discuss your options.

Maybe you have an idea for another location, but have some questions.  Contact us to talk about it.  

Let us help you become even more successful!

  Howard Parker, President


You can reply to this email or call us toll free:

USA: 800-970-2688

Buy Direct from the Factory -- Financing Available

Aquatic Adventures International, Inc.
5348 Vegas Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89108


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