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Desktop virtualization review: VMware Workstation vs. Oracle VirtualBox

20 epic Microsoft Windows Automatic Update meltdowns | Google more than doubles free music storage in the cloud

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Desktop virtualization review: VMware Workstation vs. Oracle VirtualBox
Few technologies have had a greater impact on business efficiency and IT productivity than virtualization. While most of the impact has been felt in the data center and in the cloud, virtualization has also transformed IT work on the desktop, where it retains an important role. Here I compare the two leading products in this category: VMware Workstation and Oracle VirtualBox. Read More


Cloud: Delivering Performance in Shared Environments
This whitepaper explores how service providers use VMTurbo to provide consistent performance across all workloads, as well as the three roles a responsible managed service provider (MSP) takes in order to accomplish that directive. Learn More


5 Essential Restore Capabilities for Google Apps Data
If you lose data in Google Apps, how quickly can you get it back? Many admins are surprised to find it's harder than they think. In this whitepaper learn: -Difference between restore and recovery -Benefits of rapid, easy-to-use data restoration in Google Apps -What to look for in a backup solution Learn More

20 epic Microsoft Windows Automatic Update meltdowns
Fifteen years ago, Microsoft introduced automatic updating to the unwashed Windows masses. Fifteen years later, it's hard to find a Windows user who hasn't bumped into at least one problem with a Windows update or knows someone who has. That's a billion and a half people. Read More

Google more than doubles free music storage in the cloud
Google has made its free cloud storage service for music a bit more appealing, especially considering alternatives from Apple and Amazon. Users can now store up to 50,000 songs for free in the cloud through the company's Google Play Music service, which also provides access to millions of songs through a paid subscription. Read More

Microsoft brings machine learning to Azure
At the Strata + Hadoop World conference, Microsoft announced new and enhanced Microsoft data services for Azure. This includes a preview of Azure HDInsight running on Linux, the general availability of Storm on HDInsight, the general availability of Azure Machine Learning, and the availability of Informatica technology on Azure. Read More

WHITE PAPER: Cloud Cruiser

Total Cost of Ownership for the Move to Cloud
This paper provides a step-by-step process for determining your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for your Hybrid IT environment. We provide a TCO Calculator, a critical tool for evaluating and comparing various sourcing alternatives and forecasting your IT costs in the cloud. Learn More

Google's new Android for Work locks down business data on your personal phone
Almost a year after tipping its hand at Google I/O 2014, Google announced Android for Work, a way to lock down sensitive business data on personal Android phones owned by employees—using versions of Android either old or new. Read More

Salesforce's steps up its global focus
Small businesses just starting out may dream of world domination, but that's a difficult goal to achieve if you can't interact with customers in more than one or two languages. Enter Salesforce's customer-support app, which just got a hefty boost in the number of languages it can work with. Read More

HP preps IoT wares to tame energy beasts, like runaway air conditioners
On a hot day in the future, if you go to work and leave your home air conditioning on full blast, your power company may know you're away and turn it down for you. Read More

WHITE PAPER: Cloud Cruiser

7 Deadly Sins of Failed Cloud Projects
How do you put together a good solid cloud strategy that satisfies the diverse needs and expectations of all the stakeholders? It should come as no surprise that a good solid plan with a well-defined use case, the right project team, and measurable success criteria is the common denominator in all of the success stories. Learn More

How enterprises can use artificial intelligence
Enterprise IT shops are finding that artificial intelligence isn't just for robotics anymore. (Insider Story) Read More

NetSfere promises enterprise messaging with end-to-end security
If all the well-publicized hacks over the past year or so have had any effect on the corporate world, it's been to make enterprises more worried than ever about security. Throw in the bring-your-own-device trend, and that concern gets compounded considerably. Read More

'Everyone's going container crazy'
It's a busy time for container technology in the cloud computing market. Read More


Top 10 DNS attacks likely to infiltrate your network

DNS-based attacks are on the rise because many organizations don't realize DNS is a threat vector and therefore don't protect it.


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