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Can anyone catch Apple and Google in the smartphone market?

  10 products you could only find at RadioShack | You've been hacked. Now what?

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Can anyone catch Apple and Google in the smartphone market?
Apple is riding its iPhone 6 momentum, while Android dominates both market share and growth. Is there room for any other competitors in the smartphone OS market? Read More

WHITE PAPER: Citrix Systems
Comprehensive Enterprise Mobile Management for iOS 8
This white paper provides an overview of the new iOS 8 capabilities in comparison to iOS 7 and how Citrix XenMobile makes it easier to manage iOS 8 devices without compromising the user experience. Learn More

WHITE PAPER: Citrix Systems
10 Essentials for Secure EMM
This white paper highlights 10 key points encompassing security, user experience, IT operations and BYOD to help your organization realize the full benefits of mobility. Learn more

10 products you could only find at RadioShack
At least at one point, RadioShack was the only place you could find these tech products. Read More


You've been hacked. Now what?
What should a company do after it's been hacked? It's a question Target, Home Depot, Sony Pictures Entertainment and others have had to ask over the past year or so. And it's likely that other organizations will be facing the same question over the coming months.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here(Insider Story) Read More


AOL, Apple iTunes connection will soon be history
Apple has alerted AOL subscribers who use their credentials to access iTunes and other Apple services that they will need to switch over to an Apple ID for access as of March 31. Read More

IBM brings location awareness to MobileFirst apps
The new features are included with an update of the mobile management and development platform Read More


IBM PureData System for Analytics compared with Teradata
This report from ITG compares the cost and time to value of IBM PureData System for Analytics with that of Teradata DW Appliance 2750 using comparable applications and workloads. Read how IBM is more cost-effective and enables faster deployment. Learn More


How to check Wi-Fi channels on Android devices
Checking the channels used by your wireless network and others nearby can help when troubleshooting Wi-Fi interference and performance issues. Here's how to do it. Read More


10 products that take you back to the future
Taking tech back in time for fun and (sometimes) functionality. Read More

Extreme Networks CEO touts open SDN strategy, robust wireless as key assets in changing net market
It's been about 15 months since Extreme Networks completed the acquisition of Enterasys Networks, a move that bolstered not only Extreme's financial heft, but widened its switching line and beefed up its wireless LAN capabilities. Extreme CEO Charles Berger gave IDG US Media Chief Content Officer John Gallant an update on the progress of integrating Enterasys's technology and discussed how software-defined networking is reshaping the industry. He also discussed how Extreme's work on in-venue wireless with NFL teams and others will benefit all customers. Read More


New weapons offer hope against advanced cyber-attacks
One of the most frightening things about modern cyber-attacks is that a breach can remain undetected within networks for weeks, months or even years. This time gives hackers the luxury of lateral movement within a network, meaning they can acquire better credentials, compromise more systems and search for the most profitable and most damaging information.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here(Insider Story) Read More



IBM Advanced Case Management Knowledge Vault
Empower your knowledge workers to deliver better case outcomes. Visit the IBM Advanced Case Management Knowledge Vault to learn more. Learn More

New products of the week 02.23.15
Our roundup of intriguing new products from companies such as XenData and Tesora Read More

Review: Google's Nexus 9 is an awesome tablet, with some caveats
I used Google's Nexus 9 tablet as my primary device and found that it was one of the best in its size range. But there are a few other things you should know about it. Read More

IDG Contributor Network: What Wi-Fi looks like
New radar-like Wi-Fi images could help find not-spots in your network. All you've got to do is build the signal mapper. And Hackaday member CNLohr can help. Read More


Learn R for beginners with our PDF
With so much emphasis on getting insight from data these days, it's no wonder that R is rapidly rising in popularity. R was designed from day one to handle statistics and data visualization, it's highly extensible with many new packages aimed at solving real-world problems and it's open source (read "free").To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here(Insider Story) Read More


8 most intriguing gadgets of 2015
Here's a preview of what is to come for the next generation of gadgets. Read More



Top 10 DNS attacks likely to infiltrate your network

DNS-based attacks are on the rise because many organizations don't realize DNS is a threat vector and therefore don't protect it.


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5. 8 most intriguing gadgets of 2015

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7. New weapons offer hope against advanced cyber-attacks

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9. You've been hacked. Now what?

10. HP deal marks milestone for open source networking hardware


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