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What's really behind the Microsoft-Salesforce deal

  Microsoft baffled by fact one of its products keeps getting better | Windows 7 powers more than half of all PCs

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What's really behind the Microsoft-Salesforce deal
At first glance, it doesn't seem like there are many ways SalesForce.com and Microsoft should partner: They both offer competing SaaS services. But upon closer inspection, the deal that the leaders of these two companies spoke so highly of during a joint conference call on Thursday afternoon makes a lot of sense not just for these companies, but customers as well. Read More

WEBCAST: Ipswitch, Inc

4 Ways Network Monitoring Improves Wireless Networks
Originally deployed as a 'network of convenience', wireless is rapidly evolving into the primary network for more users and many more devices than planned. Join this interactive session to learn the four key drivers for successful review and deployment of wireless networks. Learn More

WHITE PAPER: Mobiquity Inc.
Five Steps to Developing a Successful Mobile Strategy
Don't lose time and money with a "throw an app against a wall to see if sticks" approach to mobile. It won't work. You need a well-thought-out strategy to take full advantage of mobile. This white paper lays out the five important steps to a robust enterprise mobile strategy. Learn more.

Microsoft baffled by fact one of its products keeps getting better
The snarky headline I could not resist. My Network World colleague Tim Greene has the actual story and it's quite interesting. Read More

Windows 7 powers more than half of all PCs
As Windows XP continued its decline, users who deserted the obsolete operating system shifted to Windows 7, not the newer Windows 8, more circumstantial evidence that commercial customers, not consumers, now drive PC sales. Read More

Microsoft's translation app for Skype is seriously impressive
Satya Nadella may have underwhelmed at the Code Conference (the powwow held by Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher that used to be called D Conference back when they were with All Things D) but a Microsoft demo has left a lot of people seriously impressed. Read More


Top 5 Reasons You Need Network Testing NOW
The availability, security, and performance of applications and services on the network are among the most important aspects of an IT organization, and must be tested to ensure performance. Download this white paper to learn the top 5 reasons why you should test your network sooner rather than later. Learn More

ABM overcomes pro-VMware bias to adopt Microsoft's Hyper-V
Saving about $2 million was the primary reason international business-facility management firm ABM decided to convert its virtual infrastructure from VMware's vSphere to Microsoft's Hyper-V, but that came only after a period of having Microsoft prove that its virtual environment was ready. Read More

Asus adds 'laptop' to the shapes its Transformer phone-tablet hybrid can adopt
Taiwanese PC maker Asus has added laptop to the forms that its latest Transformer phone-tablet hybrid can adopt -- potentially taunting Microsoft and Google once again with the device's ability to run both Windows and Android. Read More

Microsoft reportedly working on a smartwatch of its own
While the iWatch at this point remains nothing more than a rumor, other companies aren't sitting by idly and watching what Apple may or may not do. Not only is Samsung on its second iteration of a smartwatch, but now comes word via Forbes that Microsoft is also planning to jump into the wearables market. Read More

WEBCAST: Fortinet

Why are customers really deploying an NGFW?
Next Generation Firewall (NGFW). It seems every IT Security expert is talking about them, but what are people really doing? This webcast covers 5 real-world customer deployments and explores business drivers, key requirements, solutions considered and the final deployment. Learn more >>

How to fix Firefox on Windows hanging on exit and not restarting
Longtime reader and computer wrangler Miles Baska just tweeted the following suggestion to solve a problem that many Firefox users on Windows are apparently suffering through: Firefox hanging on exit then giving error when restarted. Read More

Surface Pro 3 deep-dive review: Has Microsoft finally got it right?
Microsoft's new Surface Pro 3 is supposed to work as both a tablet and a laptop. After working with it for a week, does our reviewer agree? Read More

Quip revamps mobile word processor with new publishing, search features
Quip has revamped its Web and mobile word processor, giving it new publishing and search capabilities, as the startup pushes ahead with its quixotic pursuit to disrupt cloud productivity app rivals like Microsoft and Google. Read More



15 more weird things in the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is growing, and the things are getting weirder by the day.


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