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10 technologies that could revolutionize retail

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  How consumers are holding back retail tech advances | 77% of lawyers can't be trusted … with your confidential data

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10 technologies that could revolutionize retail
The retail world is evolving, thanks to these technologies. Read More

WHITE PAPER: Silver Peak Systems Inc

2014 Gartner Magic Quadrant for WAN Optimization
According to Gartner, Leaders exhibit an ability to shape the market by introducing additional capabilities in their product offerings and by raising awareness of the importance of these features. Gartner expects a Leader to grow the market as a whole and to have solutions that resonate with an increasing number of enterprises. Learn more >>

WHITE PAPER: Network Instruments

Survival Tips for Big Data's Impact on Network Performance
Big Data projects slam network performance. This paper offer survival tips to prepare your network before the Big Data projects hit, not after. Learn how to monitor and manage network performance for bandwidth, consistent low latency, scalable storage, processing power and security. Learn More

How consumers are holding back retail tech advances
The in-person shopping experience, from finding the right product in the store to trying on clothes in a fitting room to paying a cash register, is far more archaic than it needs to be. Read More

77% of lawyers can't be trusted … with your confidential data
When using email to communicate, more than three-quarters of all lawyers treat their clients' confidential information with all the care you'd expect from a teenager posting to Facebook, according to a new survey. Only 22 percent claim to use encryption. And a full 77% cop to relying solely on "confidentiality statements," otherwise known as virtually nothing. Read More

You're under arrest! (Not with this scam you're not)
It seems likely most people would know if they had done something that would warrant their arrest but that apparently isn't stopping scammers from trying. The US Federal Court System today issued a warning about scammers using the threat of arrest unless of course you pay them off. Read More

Gigabyte puts 3200 by 1800 '3K' screen on 13.9-inch gaming laptop
  Taiwan's Gigabyte is fitting a 3200 by 1800 screen on its latest gaming laptop, making it among the growing number of vendors adding so-called "3K" displays to their PC products. Read More

Windows 7 powers more than half of all PCs
As Windows XP continued its decline, users who deserted the obsolete operating system shifted to Windows 7, not the newer Windows 8, more circumstantial evidence that commercial customers, not consumers, now drive PC sales. Read More

Demand for extra-large iPhone may be overstated
Although Apple watchers expect the company to boost the iPhone's screen size this fall, demand for a very large display is actually weak among iPhone owners in China -- and even weaker in the U.S. Read More

ABM overcomes pro-VMware bias to adopt Microsoft's Hyper-V
Saving about $2 million was the primary reason international business-facility management firm ABM decided to convert its virtual infrastructure from VMware's vSphere to Microsoft's Hyper-V, but that came only after a period of having Microsoft prove that its virtual environment was ready. Read More

Tricky ways to make industrial infrastructure vanish
We love technology, but it turns out we don't really like looking at it very much. Find out some of the clever ways we can make tech in public spaces vanish. Read More

America's 6 top-paid CTOs
Bonuses and stock options help push some chief technology officers' salaries into the millions. Read More



15 more weird things in the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is growing, and the things are getting weirder by the day.


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10. How consumers are holding back retail tech advances


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