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About Computer Networking: Some Light Summer (or Winter) Reading About Networks

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From Bradley Mitchell, your Guide to Computer Networking

Those of us in the Northern Hemisphere are just starting our summer, and what better time to brush up on some of the basics of connecting your devices to each other and the world. Southern Hemisphere folks might be spending more time indoors with winter coming and need these networking tips too.

Introduction to Making Wireless Network Connections
Laptops, smartphones, tablets and many other types of consumer devices support wireless network connections. The three basic types of wireless network connections - peer-to-peer, home router and hotspot - each have their own specific setup and management considerations as described here.


Top Tips for Wireless Home Network Setup
It’s easy to get lost in the technical details of home networking with an almost endless number of variations in network devices and how they are configured. Wireless devices simplify some aspects of network setup but also bring their own challenges. Follow these tips for best results in setting up all kinds of wireless home networks.


Troubleshooting Home Network Router Problems
You've carefully followed all the instructions in the network router setup guide, but for whatever reason your network isn't working. Perhaps everything functioned before and just started failing suddenly, or maybe you've spent days or weeks trying to get through the initial installation. Use these troubleshooting guidelines to isolate and solve network problems involving your router... .


Common Misconceptions About Computer Networks
There's no shortage of people offering advice to help teach others about computer networks. For some reason, though, certain facts about networking tend to be misunderstood, generating bad assumptions and much confusion.
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