Thursday, June 19, 2014

As iPhone thefts drop, Google and Microsoft plan kill switches on smartphones

New products of the week 06.16.14 | LinkedIn called out on slow implementation of default SSL

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As iPhone thefts drop, Google and Microsoft plan kill switches on smartphones
After a year of pressure, U.S. law enforcement officials announce a major success in their phone anti-theft push Read More


Analytics in the Hands of Everyone Who Needs It
Right-sized for individuals, workgroups or enterprises, each Cognos family member offers BI and performance management to address your company's needs. Read Now


Finding Advanced Threats Before They Strike
Enterprise security teams are on a high state of alert to keep up with ever-morphing advanced threats. This SANS Institute review shows how Damballa Failsafe can be the first and last line of defense. Read Now

New products of the week 06.16.14
Our roundup of intriguing new products from companies such as Brocade and Zyxel Read More

LinkedIn called out on slow implementation of default SSL
Zimperium said some users are at risk, but LinkedIn claims the issue doesn't affect the majority of users Read More

CloudFlare acquires enterprise VPN provider CryptoSeal
CloudFlare said the company's technology will help it build more secure networks Read More

WHITE PAPER: Alert Logic

Alert Logic PCI DSS compliance solutions
Alert logic's cloud-powered solutions help organizations that process, store or transmit credit card data eliminate the burden of PCI compliance. This product brief outlines Alert Logic's solutions and the unique benefits offered. Learn More

Maliciously crafted files can disable Microsoft's antimalware products
A vulnerability in the engine used by many Microsoft antimalware products can lead to a persistent denial-of-service condition Read More

Report: Neither iOS nor Android inherently more secure than the other
Apple has an edge in a couple of areas, but there are still ways into its walled garden, Marble Security said Read More

P.F. Chang's turns to manual card processing after confirming breach
The restaurant chain is the latest victim of a breach Read More


It's who you know: CDW + Microsoft Business Intelligence
That's why we partner with industry leaders like Microsoft. Their integrated suite of Business Intelligence solutions helps interpret data for small workgroups and large organizations alike. And through our strong partnership with Microsoft, CDW has the software and licensing expertise to find the right BI solutions for you. View Now

FCC will push network providers on cybersecurity, Wheeler says
If private companies don't improve their security efforts, the agency will step in with regulations, the FCC's chairman said Read More

Amazon AWS continues to use TrueCrypt despite project's demise
Importing and exporting data from Amazon Simple Storage Service requires TrueCrypt Read More

Enterprise Organizations Are Taking Steps to Improve Cybersecurity Analytics
Read More

Six ways to prevent a breach like the one at AT&T
A data breach like the one recently reported by AT&T demonstrates that security policies alone are only a paper tiger without the technological teeth to make sure they are enforced, experts say.AT&T reported last week that unauthorized employees of one of its service providers accessed the personal information of AT&T wireless customers. The exposed data included social security numbers and call records.[AT&T Mobility data breach]To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here Read More

"H4CKERS WANTED" report: NSA not having trouble filing cybersecurity jobs
While there’s a notion that a dearth of cybersecurity professionals the shortage is most acute at the “high end” where $250,000 salaries are not uncommon for those who combine technical and managerial skills. That’s according to the RAND Corp. report today on the topic, which also looked at how well the National Security Agency and other military-focused agencies were recruiting cybersecurity pros. The “H4CKERS WANTED” report from RAND, the non-profit policy think tank funded by the U.S. government and private endowment, looked at whether cybersecurity jobs are going unfilled, especially in the federal government, and if so, why. Co-authored by Martin Libicki, David Sentry and Julia Pollak, the RAND report reaches the conclusion that in the spectrum of the tasks that cybersecurity professionals might do, two types stand out as hard to find and recruit. In addition to the managerial job often thought of as the “chief information security officer” these days, it’s also the talented geeky few who can figure out that highly stealthy attacks are occurring or who can find “the hidden vulnerabilities in software and systems that allow advanced persistent threats to take hold of targeted systems.”To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here Read More


10 reasons why open source is eating the world

Here are 10 reasons for the surging popularity of open source software.


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10. 10 reasons why open source is eating the world

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