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First look: Amazon's new Fire Phone

As iPhone thefts drop, Google and Microsoft plan kill switches on smartphones | Riverbed goes mobile with AppInternals 9.0

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First look: Amazon's new Fire Phone
The long wait is over – Amazon's phone is official. Read More


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As iPhone thefts drop, Google and Microsoft plan kill switches on smartphones
Responding to more than a year of pressure, Google and Microsoft will follow Apple in adding an anti-theft “kill switch” to their smartphone operating systems, U.S. law enforcement officials will announce later Thursday.The commitment will be disclosed alongside new data that shows a dramatic drop in theft of Apple iPhones and iPads after the September 2013 introduction of iOS 7, which included a kill-switch function that allows stolen devices to be remotely locked and deleted so they become useless.In New York, iPhone theft was down 19 percent in the first five months of this year, which is almost double the 10 percent drop in overall robberies seen in the city. Over the same period, thefts of Samsung devices—which did not include a kill switch until one was introduced on Verizon-only models in April—rose by over 40 percent.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here Read More

Riverbed goes mobile with AppInternals 9.0
Riverbed, the company known best for its Steelhead WAN Optimization product, has beefed up its Application Performance Management (APM) suite. In 2012, Riverbed acquired OPNET for a cool billion to complement the network performance management (NPM) suite it inherited when it purchased Mazu. The product formerly known as OPNET, AppInternals Xpert was rebranded to SteelCentral AppInternals, and this week the company released version 9.0 of the suite.The SteelCentral product consists of several components. Collector agents are deployed on the end points to gather information. The data generated is then passed to a collector that aggregates the information from the agents. The collector then passes the information to the SteelCentral AppInternals console as the “single pane of glass” for the system. All of the historical information is then stored in a centralized repository known as AppInternals Big Data. This enables customers to then go back and reply information or use the data for historical analysis.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here Read More

US senators introduce bill to expand Wi-Fi spectrum
Two U.S. senators have introduced legislation aimed at expanding the amount of Wi-Fi spectrum available in a band now designated for intelligent vehicle communications, satellite service and amateur radio.The legislation, announced Friday by Senators Cory Booker, a New Jersey Democrat, and Marco Rubio, a Florida Republican, would require the U.S. Federal Communications Commission to test the feasibility of opening the upper 5GHz band of spectrum to unlicensed Wi-Fi use.The WiFi Innovation Act attempts to balance the needs of incumbent users of the 5850-5925MHz band, including growing use of so-called intelligent transportation systems, focused on vehicle safety and traffic information, with a major need for more Wi-Fi spectrum, the senators said in a statement. The bill encourages users of the band to share spectrum if possible, they said.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here Read More


Meg Whitman presents Unlocking IT with Big Data
Today, the industry is at an inflection point - driven by a triple storm of Big Data, cloud, and mobility; and in this new environment, security is paramount. The New Style of IT is about how businesses and IT leverage this rapid change for enterprise growth. Learn More

Christmas in summer: Rounding up Gadgety Goodness in NYC
The temperatures were hovering near 80, but there definitely was a “Christmas in June” vibe at last night’s Digital Experience in New York, sponsored by Pepcom. More than 50 companies were showing off their latest digital products to the press, hoping to get some additional eyeballs and coverage as we start preparing the end-of-year gift guides and other such features. The event was also a prelude to next week’s CE Week in New York, in which we’ll see even more gadgets and gizmos. I saw an increase in the amount of “connected home” devices - the market here is boosted by people talking about “The Internet of Things”, as well as the realization that Wi-Fi and cloud-based services are resonating more with consumers than older technologies (such as Zigbee or Z-wave, etc.). At last night’s event I saw connected thermostats (the Lyric Wi-Fi thermostat from Honeywell), moisture/humidity sensors (from Wally Home), and motion sensors (from D-Link), amongst other systems. The popularity of the Nest thermostat (and subsequent purchase by Google) means we’ll likely see more connected home gadgets the rest of this year and next.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here Read More

Will Wave 2 of 802.11ac minimize Ruckus Wireless' advantage?
Read More

Florida college applies corporate-style security to 'BYOD' campus network
Broward College's CISO Matt Santill argues colleges benefit from tighter network security. Read More

WEBCAST: Network Instruments

3 Choices for Effective UC Management
This webcast discusses five best practices on how to successfully optimize and manage UC, as well as how to gain clear picture of overall performance and quickly troubleshoot when the inevitable issues arise. Learn More

15 Chrome OS productivity apps that work offline
Chromebooks are lightweight, inexpensive and efficient -- in other words, great for business travel. But can these cloud-based laptops operate when you're off Wi-Fi? Sure they can -- here are 15 productivity apps that can work with you when you're offline. Read More

Chinese site in signal-jammer sting could pay record $34.9M FCC fine
The company allegedly told US shoppers some of its illegal jammers were FCC-approved Read More

How I live cellphone-free in a cellphone world
The cellphone-free lifestyle is becoming less common by the day, but it's not impossible. Read More

New iPhone iOS 8 notifications to bring changes, annoyances
The new interactive notifications in Apple's iOS 8 promise to change how you use your iPhone. But some of the changes, at least at first, may not be ones you like. Read More


10 reasons why open source is eating the world

Here are 10 reasons for the surging popularity of open source software.


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