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Top 10 Windows 8 questions everyone asks

Cisco, NetApp mark progress | Historical computing: The launch of the IBM System/360

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Top 10 Windows 8 questions everyone asks
You've finally made the leap to Windows 8 (or, more probably, Windows 8.1), and a pretty big leap it was. Everything looks different. Everything acts differently. Even a simple task like shutting down your PC suddenly becomes a challenge. Read More


Protecting Your Mid-Size Business from Security Threats
Security breaches in large enterprises make the headlines, but 55% of small and mid-size businesses have also experienced a data breach. And 60% of small businesses fail within six months of falling victim to a cyber attack. Learn More


It's who you know: CDW + Microsoft Business Intelligence
That's why we partner with industry leaders like Microsoft. Their integrated suite of Business Intelligence solutions helps interpret data for small workgroups and large organizations alike. And through our strong partnership with Microsoft, CDW has the software and licensing expertise to find the right BI solutions for you. View Now

Cisco, NetApp mark progress
Cisco and NetApp say their FlexPod integrated IT infrastructure reference architecture has generated $3 billion in joint sales since its launch in 2010. Read More

Historical computing: The launch of the IBM System/360
In 1964 IBM announced one of the most famous mainframes ever, the IBM System/360 which, on the low end versions ran at 0.0018 to 0.034 MIPS. For the time, that was serious performance ... in comparison, the iMac I'm writing this on runs at 92,100 MIPS. Read More

Mark Hurd lays out Oracle's cloud progress, plan to be number one
Being second isn't good enough for Oracle when it comes to cloud revenue, co-president Mark Hurd told investment analysts this week following the company's fourth-quarter and year-end earnings report. Read More

WHITE PAPER: APC by Schneider Electric

Data Center Projects: Advantages of Using a Reference Design
It is no longer practical or cost-effective to completely engineer all aspects of a unique data center. Re-use of proven, documented subsystems or complete designs is a best practice for both new data centers and for upgrades to existing data centers. In this paper reference designs are defined and their benefits are explained. Learn more

Smartwatches at work: Boon or bane for IT?
It's hard to assess how popular smartwatches will be for business users, much less for the IT staffers that need to protect the data running over them. Read More

Advice for college students seeking a tech career: Turn to internships
When Katie Smith interned with Capital One, she expected to spend the summer fetching beverages for her manager—instead, she started on a career path that led to a full-time IT job at the banking and financial services company. Read More

Microsoft admits communications, tech problems during Office 365 outages
A "unique" breakdown coupled with a previously unknown flaw in Exchange Online caused Tuesday's extensive outage, and to make matters worse, the service disruption alert system also malfunctioned, leaving some affected customers in the dark. Read More


Migrate Oracle Apps from RISC/UNIX to Virtualized x86
This brief explains how true converged infrastructure can help you migrate from a RISC/UNIX environment and achieve the availability and scale your applications require. Learn how VCE VblockTM System helps ensure SLAs are maintained during migration, quality of service is improved and that licensing costs are reduced. Learn More

Google gets into the weeds of Android Work
Google revealed more about how its new enterprise security and management framework -- otherwise known as Android Work -- will function in a seven-minute video the company posted during its Google I/O conference this week. Read More

Turning network resource management on its head through software-defined WANs
Although much of the Software Defined Networking discussion to date has been about the data center, software-defined WANs (SDW) also show great promise. In essence, an SDW enables IT teams to manage network services by decoupling the system that makes decisions about where traffic is sent (the control plane) from the underlying systems that forward traffic to the selected destination (the data plane). This can deliver greater simplicity, security and resiliency, which in turn can lead to lower operational expense (OpEx) and capital expense (CapEx). Read More

With components, Google agitates for a revolution in Web development
At the Google I/O conference this week, the company vigorously lobbied developers to adopt a new programming model, one that could, the company asserted, make it radically easier to build Web applications. Read More


5 potential Facebook killers

Outside of the obvious suspects – LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+ – who has the potential to unseat Facebook? Here are five possibilities.


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